MAKS-2013 Airshow to Announce a Series of Innovations


One of the world’s biggest airshows takes place in the town of Zhukovskiy in Moscow Region, between August 27 and September 1 — the International Air and Space Salon (MAKS) 2013. This year, a record number of companies are taking part, with more than 1,000 participants representing 43 countries.

This is an anniversary for MAKS, as the first international exhibition was held back in 1993. Over the past 20 years, MAKS has not only become a huge venue for showcasing high technology from Russia, but it has also proved itself as a forum for attracting new partners for business.

The state corporation Rostec, which unites the majority of the largest Russian enterprises in the aerospace sector, traditionally acts as a general partner for the show. It is, for the most part, thanks to Rostec that the exhibition occupies a special position among the biggest airshows in the world today.

This year, 10 of 13 holding companies that come under the corporation will be presenting their innovative

Advanced developments in navigation and handling for the MS-21 airliner, as well as unique equipment for the PAK-FA (T-50) fifth generation fighter, will be among the exhibits.


However, MAKS is not just business meetings and signing contracts. Many visitors come to Zhukovskiy to see the flying program, which is thought to be one of the most colorful in the world. This year, 82 Russian aircraft, as well as more than 20 foreign aircraft, are taking part.

mg_3976The famous Russian aerobatic teams will display its skills: Rus, Russian Falcons, Swifts, Russian Knights, and the Golden Eagles.

The display by the company Russian Helicopters, which is giving the first-in-flight demonstration of the Ka-62 transport helicopter, promises to become an outstanding and memorable event.

august1st-j-10-24Visitors of MAKS will also enjoy the foreign participants. This year, the People’s Liberation Army Air Force aerobatic display team, August First, will be flying to Russia for the first time and demonstrating their Chinese-produced jet fighters.

The Breitling Jet Team — the largest civil aerobatic display team in Europe — will take part in the show for the first time this year. Meanwhile, the French air force, having already become a traditional airshow participant, will be demonstrating their Rafale fighters in the flying program.


From Tents to Drones: Russian Federation Defense Ministry Innovations Day

44663_560338854024686_1661261634_nThe first exhibition of the latest defense projects “Innovations Day of Russian Ministry of Defense” opened in Moscow. Ribbon for the opening of the exhibition was cut by android robot. The exhibition presented a new field uniform, small-engine training aircrafts, body armors and a number of other samples that have been already appreciated by the Defense Ministry.

300px-MAI-223Walking through the exhibition, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu interested in small-engine training aircraft MAI-223 “Kitenok”. According to him, the agency plans to purchase up to 300 of these machines.

MAI-223 “Kitenok” is a lightweight single-engine two-seater produced by the design bureau of MAI. Its first flight was in 2004. And in 2006 it was delivered to first customers.

In addition, the Defense Department on Tuesday announced the order for testing the impact of unmanned helicopter “Voron-333” also produced by MAI.

376af7a77eAlso on Tuesday, it was talking about the decision of the Ministry of Defense to purchase inflatable models of anti-aircraft missiles S-300, which will be considered as real arms by enemy intelligence, reports “Interfax”. As the chief of scientific testing laboratory SPE “Rusbal” Yuri Stepanov said, the Defense Ministry has decided to buy about 20 types of models.

And for the study of underwater depth the experts prepared for the Day of innovation its first batch of autonomous unmanned underwater vehicles such as “Gavia”.

Another interesting “showpiece” of the exhibition was a new multi-layer field uniforms for the Russian army. Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu liked it, and he was ordered to include it to the state defense order, told to RIA “Novosti” the employee of the St. Petersburg “BTK-group”, which develops new uniforms, Daria Borovleva.“The developers have taken into account the basic requirements for field uniforms and shoes. This is to maintain the heat balance in the different temperature regimes, to protect from adverse weather conditions, as well as light weight, compactness and durability,” said the representative of the company.

We add that the new form is already being supplied to the army from July 7 of this year.

And the stands of Bauman MSTU demonstrated unmatched body armor. With a weight of 6 kg the body armor holds a bullet fired from a sniper rifle. In this case, if the strike of pistol bullets “bends” classic vests at 2-3 cm, this sample will be bended at only 3-5 mm. Thus, a soldier in the heat of battle may not even notice that he had been shot.

Another novelty – mobile field fortifications. Thus, the construction that looks like a regular tent, protects against heavy machine gun bullets. A hangar of a synthetic material capable to withstand an explosion of a powerful bomb.

049057048056056052053054Shoigu also interested in a new development for Russian tankmen. Minister saw special gel cape “Mantos” which can cover the fire and quickly eliminate it. For example, the novelty can put out a burning man in two seconds.

The newly created concern “Kalashnikov” (former Izhmash) presented at the exhibition its promising developments. As reported the concern, it is about 15 samples of small arms and high-precision weapons. Here we can mention four options of the upgraded AK-74 and AK-12, an upgraded AK-103-3, and a sniper rifle SVDM.

c890198426e125bb4a33c1f0b7408534Finally, the Deputy Minister of Defence Oleg Ostapenko for the first time on Tuesday confirmed plans to build troops to combat cyber threats. We recall that in July it was reported that by the end of the year the Armed Forces may receive the branch of service, which will be responsible for information security.

5ab3e765Sergei Shoigu has already announced that the Defense Ministry will hold an annual Innovation Days, if not more often. The Minister stressed that the exhibition of this kind can identify a large number of new talents that will benefit in the future national “defense”.

We must note that many new products are classified as “secret” and have only been presented at a closed part of the exposure of the Day of innovations. Moreover, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu spent most of the time there.

Ministry of Defence to Announce “The Day of Innovations”


On the 20-th of August 2013 in the territory of CSKA Track and Field Athletics Football Complex (TFAFC) All-Russian event “The Innovations Day of Russian Ministry of Defence” will be held for the first time in Moscow.

“The Innovations Day” is held for the first time by the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation as specialized event for the relevant audience of professionals in order to demonstrate perspective ideas and technologies of Russian industry in general and defense industry complex in particular to senior executives of the Defence Ministry, with their subsequent analysis and comprehensive set of measures development for the most successful solutions implementation in the activity of Russian Minstry of Defence bodies.

im_newOn “The innovations Day” the exhibition of the advanced solutions, innovative technologies, scientific institutions and industry enterprises latest developments created for the sake of Russian Armed forces prosperity will be held.

Despite power ministries, Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation of Russia and Federal Service for Technical and Export Control are the official partners of the event.Shoygu

“This event will be held annually, and in view of the existing interest, perhaps, twice a year. We have long wanted to gather all those who cannot participate in exhibitions such as “Le Bourget”, “MAKS”, Russian Defence Minister Sergey Shoigu said.

The minister also stressed that the exhibition can identify a large number of new talents who will be able to provide benefit for the domestic defense industry.

“The Innovations Day” is planned to become an annual demonstration platform of innovations in military area.

Exhibition participants are:

• federal authorities

• state corporations

• defense industry enterprises of Russia – producers of arms and military equipment

• leading scientific research institutes and military higher education establishments of Russia

• developers and manufactures of arms and military equipment of dual and special purpose of use

• number of foreign organizations

c2RlbGFub3VuYXMucnUvaS9jL3ovY3pRdWRYQnNiMkZrY3k1eWRTOTJUMk5SZVM1cWNHYz0uanBnP19faWQ9MzkxMDI=More than 300 organizations have already submitted to participate in “Innovations Day”, 30% of them are defense industry enterprises.

The key visitors of exhibition are:

• senior executives of Russian Defence Ministry, generalship (deputy ministers, commanders-in-chief of different types of armed forces, commanders of branches of the armed forces, heads of general departments of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation)

• senior executives of Armed forces of the Russian Federation (commanders of districts, armies, divisions, crews – according to the decision of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation)

• senior executives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of the Russian Federation for civil defense, emergency situations and natural disaster response and other power departments

• heads of state bodies, federal executive authorities of the Russian Federation, state corporations, representatives of business circles, political parties and associations

• representatives of military patriotic youth organizations and associations

imagesThe exhibition will be held in Moscow in the territory of Federal autonomous institution of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation (TFAFC) “CSKA” Address: Leningradsky prospect, 39, building #17.

Expositions will be unfolded inside the complex, under a canopy and on the open area for large-size military hardware starting from 10 a.m. till 6 p.m.

The official Operators of the event:

• CJSC “Exhibition Companies Group ”BIZON”

• LLC “International Congresses and Exhibitions”

Information support is provided by more than 20 central Russian news agencies, print and electronic all-Russian and relevant media.

Russian Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2013 to Announce the Program


The flying program of the International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2013 to be held in Zhukovsky from August 27 to September 1 will include 12 crews.

In the days of mass visiting of the salon – August 30-31 and September 1 – the Air Show will present an extended flight program. Favorite aerobatic teams will show trick flying, besides the organizers promise that MAKS fans will see some impressive premieres.

Novelty of MAKS-2013 air show will be the flying of aircrafts of the Swiss Confederation-F/A-18 McDonnell Douglas (“Hornet”). Premiere at the MAKS-2013 and will hold a Czech company Evektor.

714244458Another debut – the performance of the Russian Air Force aerobatic team “Golden Eagles” flying at the six attack helicopters Mi-28N. This is one of the few helicopter groups in the world which shows figures of the average and the highest degree of difficulty in the vertical and in the horizontal plane at an extremely low height.

And, of course, the visitors of the salon will see favorite aviators of the previous years.113-1024x682

The program will include “Russian Knights” – aerobatic team of Russian Air Force, performing group and single flying on multi-purpose highly-maneuverable Su-27P and Su-27UB. The uniqueness of the group is that it is the only aerobatic team in the world, performing group aerobatics at airplanes class “heavy fighter”, and that the fighters are serial samples.

IMG_8092-i“Swifts” will perform the group and single flying at the multi-purpose highly maneuverable MiG-29. The crew has a large repertoire of aerobatic maneuvers carried out by the group and a pair of aircraft, as well as single performances.

Single and group aerobatics at the fourth-generation fighter aircraft Su-27 aircraft will be performed by Russian Air Force aerobatic group “Falcons of Russia”. This is the only aerobatic team, which demonstrates elements of air combat at low altitudes at combat aircrafts in front of gathering of spectators.

008Aerobatic team of the flying club “First Flight”, which was established in 2009, will present its program. It is the only privately owned Russian aerobatic team on piston aircrafts Yak-52 and Yak-54. It includes the pilots-athletes, Russia and the World Championships’ medalists.

For the second time the flying program will include the largest passenger aircraft Airbus A-380 – two-deck four-engine wide-body passenger turbojet aircraft – the largest serial airliner in the world with a wingspan of 80 meters.

The International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS – one of the world’s leading aviation forums. It takes place every two years and represents a great show featuring advanced flight technology and highly skilled pilots. Here you can learn about the latest innovations of the aviation industry, visit the conferences and get a lot of positive emotions.

Tank Biathlon to Be the New International Paramilitary Sport


Russia is introducing ‘tank biathlon’, a new paramilitary sport comprising armor races and precision gunnery. The first international competition starts near Moscow on Monday. Several NATO countries, including the USA, are expected to join the contest in 2014.

The concept of a tank competition recently introduced by the Russian Defense Ministry was born during an ordinary tank crew field firing exercise. The military needs a complex tank crew proficiency and gunnery skills test.

The basic idea behind the tank contest is simple and repeats the rules of the classic biathlon: cover about 20km in shortest time while successfully hitting the targets.

But since this is a military game, the targets are hit with everything a tank has in its arsenal: cannon, ranging machine gun and anti-aircraft machine-gun mounted on the tank’s turret. That means there are three firing sectors to use each weapon so a tank crew remains fire-ready throughout the event.

84248091Elimination games have already been conducted in the Central, South and Urals military districts of Russia, while national contests have been held in allied Belarus, Kazakhstan and Armenia. The final competition between the winning regional and national tank crews will take place at Moscow Region’s Alabino firing range on August 12-17 for the first time ever using the T-72B “Slingshot” tanks.

The recent 2+2 meeting of the Russian Foreign and Defense ministers with their American counterparts has brought a number of hopeful results. Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu made several proposals to the American side to further strengthen military cooperation and interaction and the US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel gave the go-ahead to some. Among them is the participation of American tank crews (most probably American M1 Abrams main tanks) in the newly-invented Russian military contest.b_807769

“We have invited our American counterparts to participate in the tank biathlon competition in Russia,” Shoigu told reporters. “US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has accepted the invitation.”

Reportedly crews from other NATO countries are also likely to take part in the competition next year.

Shoigu stressed that the crews from the US and possibly Germany and Italy would be driving their own tanks. “Moreover, like our Italian counterparts said, they threaten the victory will be theirs,” Shoigu maintained.

Russia’s Defense Minister also expects the competition to become a great promotion for national armored vehicles on the international arms market. “In future, we shall be doing everything possible to have foreign armed forces buy our tanks,” he promised.15058401_news_bigpic

Russia’s Deputy Defense Minister Yury Borisov said on Saturday “We shall have an opportunity to organize a competition between wheel and track tanks,” adding that since the previous year Italian Centauro wheel tanks have been undergoing tests in Russia (at the Kubinka tank development research center near Moscow).

The practical benefit from the competition would not only be a higher level of training for Russian tank crews, but also demonstrating advantages of the Russian armored vehicles, Borisov said.

Russian Defense Engineers to Learn Operating Foreign Machines


Training is organized by the Moscow State Technological University (MSTU) STANKIN under the presidential program of engineers training who won the tender for the organization of these trips (its task is to provide insurance and visas, hotel accommodation and all kinds of transfers for the participants).12

As told to Izvestia newspaper Rector for Postgraduate Education for MSTU STANKIN Julia Elneva, the training will be organized for 13 engineers and design engineers of four Russian defense enterprises: “Concern PVO” Almaz-Antey “(produces anti-aircraft systems and position-radar stations), Federal Center of Dual Technologies “Soyuz” (manufactures engines for missiles and space vehicles),” Factory of Experimental Engineering of Korolev Rocket and Space Corporation “Energia” (engaged in the development of rocket and space technology) and Scientific Production Association “Saturn” (develops engines for military aircraft).

“Nowadays we see a large-scale technical transformation of enterprises, the equipment is received, but mainly overseas. It is natural that the people who will work with this equipment have trainings. We made up our program considering the latest solutions to modernize the technological base of defense companies,” said the provost of STANKIN to Izvestia.


Training will take place in August and October at the Siemens factory (Erlangen, Germany), at the Fraunhofer Institute for Factory Operation and Automation IFF (Magdeburg, Germany), and three technology centers in Italy.Siemens_Himbeerpalast_Erlangen

Education will be organized in three areas: production of complex parts on machines with computerized control, modernization of resource-saving technologies for space-rocket engineering and design of tools with nanocoating to increase the resistance.

It was allocated 3.7 million rubles to the implementation of this part of the presidential program of engineers training for 2012-2014. The amount consists of two parts: the money to pay for the education is provided by the Ministry of Education and Science through grants from the state budget; the airfare, hotel accommodations and other expenses (as well as partially the training program) is funding by the company, sending employees to the training.

Russian Air Force to Receive the Newest Fighters


Russian Defense Ministry and the Irkut Corporation signed an agreement after the flight tests of the newest multi-purpose fighter Su-30CM. They are found to be satisfactory, allowing to start mass production and mass shipments of fighters to the Army.

It should be noted that the military department under the new Minister is not only financing contracts for defense order in a time-bound, but also keeps a constant monitoring of its performance. To check how the state defense order is executed, the   Defense Ministry delegation headed by the Deputy Minister Yuri Borisov arrived at the Irkutsk Aviation Plant. According to him, the IAP is one of the most advanced in the country in technical equipment, production, staffing and economic indicators. Borisov stressed that 3.5 million rubles of average annual output per worker is “a very serious indicator.”Irkut2

“The available capacity allows the company to produce for a year 35-40 of Su fighters and 20-30 of Yak-130,” President of the Irkut Corporation Oleg Demchenko said at the Irkutsk aircraft plant.

In its turn, the general director of the Irkutsk Aviation Plant (part of the of the Irkut Corporation) Alexander Veprev reported that in 2014 the plant plans to produce for Russian and foreign customers twice more Su planes than in 2013, and as for Yak-130 – about one and a half times more.


According to the chief of aviation – deputy commander of Air Force, the Hero of Russia Colonel Sergei Kobylash, Su-30CM will significantly enhance the combat capabilities of the Russian Air Force as well as its ability to simultaneously detect and engage multiple targets and its maneuverability are unique. Fighters will be received by Air Force in squadrons.JSF-vs-Su-30MK-2A

In 2012, the Russian Air Force received 17 aircraft. Borisoglebsk Training Center received 15 operational trainers Yak-130. The design of the Yak-130 allows practicing flying skills of all 4th generation Russian fighters, as well as the most popular foreign models. The creators claim that it is possible to master piloting even the 5th generation fighters. It is expected to begin work on creating the full version of easy combat assault fighter on the basis of training and combat aircraft.

The aircraft manufacturers’ plans for this year include an increase of state defense order supply twofold compared with the year 2012. And in the next 3 years the Russian Defense Ministry will receive 60 Su-30CM and 55 Yak-130 operational trainers.

Continuing the production of military aircraft, Irkutsk Aviation Plant is preparing to begin production of a new generation of passenger aircraft MS-21.0MC21

“Now the MC-21 is at the most interesting phase – checking all of our design decisions. During the six months we have to complete work with technologists on major systems, docking of components made by electronic drawings. Now we are finishing. Current year is the most important for us,” Demchenko said.

According to the Irkut head, already in 2015 MS-21 has to make its first flight, and in 2017 to enter the market.

Summing up, the head of the delegation said, “Over the next 2-3 years we should compose a guaranteed amount of orders for the Irkutsk aircraft plant until the end of the execution of “State Armament Program 2020″.” Such enterprises as Irkut should be taken seriously to let the corporation make plans until the end of the state program,” said Yuri Borisov.

China to Buy S-400 SAM and Su-35S Fighter Jets


China plans to procure two new Russian weapon systems that will extend the range of its air defense strike capability to 400 kilometers. This would place all of Taiwan within the scope of China’s air defense network and endanger the Japanese-controlled Senkaku Islands, which China also claims.

The first is the much-reported negotiation for the 400-kilometer range S-400 surface-to-air missile (SAM) system with a possible deal after 2017, when the Russian manufacturer, Almaz-Antey, fulfills Russian defense orders.


The second is the multirole fighter jet Su-35S . These fighters will not be outfitted with the older Zhuk radar, but with the IRBIS-E radar, the researcher at the Centre for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies Vasiliy Kashin said.

Built by Tikhomirov NIIP, the 400-kilometer range IRBIS-E multimode X-Band passive electronically scanned array radar can detect and track up to 30 air targets and attack up to eight at the same time, according to the company’s website. In addition, in the air-to-ground mode, it can track up to four ground targets, and can track one ground target while preserving air sector surveillance.96

The S-400 and Su-35S with the IRBIS-E radar might become “a psychological deterrent to politicians in Washington when they contemplate a Taiwan contingency,” said a military specialist at Tamkang University Alexander Huang.

Kashin said the tactical situation is “bad news for Taiwan,” as the Su-35S will be able to spot Taiwan’s F-16 fighters at 400 kilometers with its new radar. “That means Chinese Su-35s patrolling on the mainland side of the border will be able to see the targets all over Taiwan.”

The latest information on the Su-35S deal was revealed on June 10, when the director general of Rostekh, Sergey Chemezov, said the final commercial contract on the fighter sale could be expected by the end of this year.

Kashin noted that the “contract will be signed at the next meeting of the Sino-Russian intergovernmental commission on military technical cooperation, which can be expected to take place in November in Moscow.”

imagesThe first procurement contract is expected to include 24 Su-35S fighters, with an option for an additional 24. Though 24 to 48 fighters are not a significant threat to US forces, they pose a problem for Taiwan. Effective lobbying by China within the US government has blocked new F-16 sales to Taiwan.

Both the S-400 and Su-35S with IRBIS-E radar are “impressive steps in increasing capability,” said Lance Gatling of Nexial Research, a defense consulting firm in Tokyo. However, there are technical challenges to integrating China’s AWACS capability with the S-400 and IRBIS-E. “SAM radars, ground-based, have the radar horizon issue, so they can’t see planes at very low altitude over Taipei.”

Gatling said the ultimate question on China’s procurement of the IRBIS and S-400 systems is: “How advanced is the integrated air defense system, data management and data links” in China? At present, this is difficult to define, as much of China’s military capabilities remain opaque to outsiders.

State Defense Order 2013 to Be Completed in Summer to 95%


The contracting of state defense order this year currently stands at 82%, during the summer, as expected, it will rise to around 93-95%, Deputy Defense Minister Yuri Borisov said in an interview.

In late April, it was reported that the state defense order in 2013 made up 72%, while the Ministry of Defense was to put him on the sole executors to March 1, on the tender procedures – to April 15. In May, the head of the Federal Service for defense order Alexander Potapov said that since April, the number of contracts increased by “a few percent.”

deforder“My prediction for the whole procedure in the future: totally we can to contract during the period of June, July, August at most 93-95%. Several positions will definitely not be contracted. We’ll have to adjust them in the framework of the state defense order specification”, Borisov told for the newspaper.

In his words, “the total amount of funds allocated to the state defense order in 2013 ismore than 1 trillion rubles. Apart from the budget this amount includes loans and grants for defense organizations to recover the cost of paying interest on loans under state guarantee,” the agency stressed.

iskander_1Turning to specific programs Borisov reported in an interview for “RIA Novosti” that the delivery of the first brigade sets PTRC “Iskander” for the Russian army will begin this year.

Previously, manufacturers of various elements of the complex “Iskander” supplied its products to the troops themselves: command and staff vehicles, missile launchers, warheads and missile carriers were supplied separately.

“In 2013, we plan to deliver the first brigade sets of PTRC” Iskander “, Boris said to “RIA Novosti”. Long-term contract for the supply of PTRC “Iskander”, he said, made for the period up to 2017.

Borisov in an interview for “RIA Novosti” also said that the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation within the framework of re-equipping of the park of light military transport aircraft is considering two options to replace the obsolete An-26.

GofBBAccording to him, as the first option it is considered to create a light military transport aircraft based on the standard aircraft developed by the Samara JSC “Aviacor – Aviation Plant” AN-140, and as a second – the creation of a new light military transport aircraft Il-112V (developer OJSC “IL”, produced by JSC “VASO”), the “RIA Novosti” reports.

We recall this year in the Russian military-industrial complex in the test mode it will be launched the system SAS-GOZ – the state automated system of state defense order, permitting to monitor its implementation.

It is a fully domestic product, through which it will be possible to identify quickly all the gaps in the defense of the state and quickly formulate defense contracts for a specific product.

It is expected that Russian President Vladimir Putin will also touch upon the issue at a meeting on the prospects of the Navy and of the implementation of the state program of armaments for 2011-2020 concerning weapons and military equipment for the Navy.

The meeting will be the next in a series of meetings devoted to the current state and prospects of development of the various branches of the military-industrial complex, the press service of the Kremlin reported on Sunday.

“The meeting will discuss the implementation of the state defense order by the shipbuilding industry companies, as well as emerging issues in this regard,” it was said in a statement.

Çàñåäàíèå Ïðàâëåíèÿ Ñîþçà ìàøèíîñòðîèòåëåé ÐîññèèThe meeting will be attended by the heads of the presidential administration, the government and relevant ministries, representatives of the biggest shipbuilding companies, the press service said.

Earlier, the head of the state corporation “Rostekh” Sergey Chemezov said that the contracts under the state defense order for 2013 are enclosed in the amount of 71% of the funds allocated for this purpose.