S-400 comes into force, S-500 on waiting list


Regimental set of antiaircraft missile system S-400 will soon be deployed in the Moscow region. It was told by the Aerospace Defense Force Commander Alexander Golovko.

golovko_a“Until the end of 2013 troops of aerospace defense will receive regimental set of air defense missile system S- 400, which will be deployed in the Moscow region”, press service of Defense Ministry of Russia quotes Mr. Golovko.

He also said that “we have plans to deliver another set of anti-aircraft missile regiment S- 400 in 2014”, said Interfax.

Currently, the troops of aerospace defense have modern anti-aircraft missile system of medium-range S-300PM , promising anti-aircraft missile systems, large and medium-range S-400 Triumph, air defense missile – gun complexes Pantsir-S, radar stations Gamma Nebo-SVU, complexes of automation Fundament.


As it was previously reported by Russian President Vladimir Putin, in 2014 the troops will receive three sets of S-400. “The process of missile units and formations re- armament to modern S-400 system is systematically continuing. This year two regimental sets of the system were transferred to the troops. Three of them must be received by the troops in 2014,” Itar-Tass cites Putin. According to him, it is a good indicator. He expressed the hope that this rate will be sustained.

10790Putin stressed that the strategic parity and balance of depends on the state of the aerospace defense system. The President stressed that special attention should be paid to promising for the future. “We need to talk not only about modern technology, but also about leading. We talked about this, by the way, at a meeting at the Obukhov factory this summer, he recalled. In this context, let me remind you that it was time for antiaircraft missile complex of medium range Vityaz- PVO, as well as the development of new anti-aircraft missile system S – 500, which can not only perform tasks within the defense, but , in fact, is already an element of missile defense.”

By the way, the Russian Defense Ministry in the framework of the state armaments program up to 2020 is going to adopt a new five sets of air defense missile systems. It was said during an interview with RIA Novosti by the Aerospace Defense Force Commander Major-General Alexander Golovko. According to him, currently Concern PVO “Almaz -Antey” is testing individual systems of the perspective S-500.

lPreviously CEO of main system design bureau “Almaz-Antey” Vitaly Neskorodov said that aircraft missile system S-500 will be supplied to troops in 2017-2018. At the same time the development of the complex will be completed in 2015, after that it will pass military tests. According to the Russian Air Force Commander Viktor Bondarev, S-500 will enter service no later than in 2018.

S-500 is more compact, portable than the existing systems S- 400. Perspective complex will receive the more powerful radar capable of detecting targets at ranges of up to 800-900 kilometers. It can simultaneously affect up to ten ballistic targets, including warheads and hypersonic cruise missiles. The speed of intercepted targets can reach 7000 meters per second. According to unconfirmed reports, the S- 500 will be unified with the Moscow missile defense system A-135.


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