New Russian Strategic Missile System is Expected


In coming years, the Russian Armed Forces will receive a fundamentally new strategic missile system.

Strategic Missile Forces (RVSN) of Russia in 2018-2020 will receive a new strategic missile “Sarmat”. It is known to outperform complex with heavy missile “Voevoda”. This was announced on December 17 by RVSN commander Colonel-General Sergei Karakayev.

SAV_6450-1-as-Smart-Object-1According to him, the new strategic missile system which received the code name “Sarmat” is developed by cooperation of industrial enterprises headed by the Makeev State Rocket Centre. “We expect to receive in the years 2018-2020 a new missile system with features that are not inferior to its predecessor”, said Karakayev.

He also noted that “in the course of creating “Sarmat” it will be implemented the missile system having requirements maximum attainable at the present level of development of domestic military-industrial complex.”

R-36M2_SS-18_Satan_Voyrvoda_ICBM_Intercontinental_ballistic_missile_Russia_Russian_army_defence_industry_001According to the commander of the Strategic Missile Forces, the creation and further production of these missiles is planned on the cooperation of exclusively Russian industrial enterprises, which is now able to create a modern combat missile system with characteristics superior than formidable “Voevoda”.

Karakayev also said that currently a significant place in the existing RVSN group is allocated to missile complex “Voevoda”, equipped with missile RS-20V, which is called in the West as “Satan”.

0_2e619_46d37c39_origHowever, this complex was put on combat duty in the late 1980s. To the present day, the intercontinental ballistic missile RS-20V is the most powerful of all Russian ICBMs. However, admitted Karakayev, the operating life of the complex, despite the work on the extension, of course, does not last forever.

For this reason, the Ministry of Defense began to work on the preservation of RVSN group combat power after the withdrawal of the missiles from service. “They provide a number of development projects to create a new missile system based stationary with “heavy” missile, as effective as the missile complex “Voevoda”, the commander of the Strategic Missile Forces said.

Screen-Shot-2013-10-06-at-1.40.49-PMAccording to the commander, the technological level of the missile complex “Voevoda” “has no analogues among domestic and foreign combat missile systems”. In particular, it has a high degree of technical reliability and readiness, capable of supporting various options for its use, including during rocket launches under a retaliatory nuclear strike. “The presence in this group of rockets of this type is an extremely important measure to maintain the whole system of Russian strategic nuclear deterrence,” stated Karakayev.

Also on December 17 it became known that the Russian Strategic Missile Forces will hold 16 rocket launches in 2014. “Next year we plan to carry out 16 launches, two of them will be carried out in order to extend the service life,” said Karakayev, noting that “eleven are the test launches for experimental development of developed missiles, strategic missiles warheads and decoys systems”. “The other three involve other purposes, including disposal by starting with associated launch of spacecraft, serial control and combat training launches,” added Karakayev.


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