New Thor SAM Enters Air Defense System


Short-range SAMs are the latest air defense system frontier in any state. Today’s defenses and resistance to external aggression are estimated by the presence of modern air defense system, and primarily by the presence of short-range air defense system.

c2RlbGFub3VuYXMucnUvdXBsb2Fkcy8zLzUvMzU5MTM4MTc2ODI4My5qcGVnP19faWQ9NDIxMDg=Therefore, today the most popular and the most promising direction in the development of air defense is to create a new air defense system with high combat capabilities. “Demand in this arms market segment is growing rapidly as competition among suppliers”, said the spokesman for the Land Forces Major Kirill Kiselyov.

One of the most effective short-range air defense missile systems today is the “Thor” family, specially designed for high-precision weapons defeat during air attack of tactical aircraft, helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles in complex interference and meteorological conditions, day and night.

The latest development of JSC “Concern PVO “Almaz -Antey” and JSC “IEMZ “Kupol” is “Tor – M2KM” with combat and technical facilities in a modular design. It has high reliability and efficiency in the fight against actively maneuvering air targets, controlled and gliding aerial bombs, radar countermeasures, controlled and cruise missiles, unmanned aerial vehicles, aircraft and helicopters. The complex is equipped with modern computer facilities and modern radar to detect and handle up to 48 targets, simultaneously track up to 10 of the most dangerous targets and provide simultaneous destruction of these four goals.


“Tor- M2KM” is a modular unit that provides placement of autonomous combat module (ABM) and hardware on any truck chassis, trailers, other platforms of the correct capacity, and stationary version.

c2RlbGFub3VuYXMucnUvdXBsb2Fkcy8yLzQvMjQ2MTM4MTc2ODMyNi5qcGVnP19faWQ9NDIxMDg=“Tor – M2KM” located on the automobile chassis of Indian company Tata Motors, was demonstrated at the International Air Show “MAKS- 2013”. We have shown the world that “Kupol” designed aircraft missile system, combat and technical equipment of which can be placed on any vehicle chassis and other platforms on request.

“Tor – M2KM” is equipped with a navigation system GLONASS / GPS, developed by the Russian company “Navis”. It not only determines with very high accuracy the location of the complex, but also provides a measurement of the angular parameters of ABM (roll and pitch) in different planes. The calculation does not require the availability of geodetic skills that were required when using the previous generation of devices.

tor_bm-9a331In October and November 2013 at the site of the Defence Ministry Kapustin Yar it was tested “Tor – M2KM” with combat and technical facilities in modular design placed on the automobile chassis by Indian TATA. During the tests all declared performance characteristics were fully confirmed, and “Tor – M2KM” honorably passed all the tests.

Number of air attacks means and their variants is growing from year to year, so in any case we cannot rest on our laurels. Our designers and engineers are constantly working to improve the characteristics of “Thor” SAM family, to create a fundamentally new complex, looking many years ahead.


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