Russian Helicopters Delivered Ka-32A11VS to Shanghai


Holding “Russian Helicopters” (a subsidiary of OPK “Oboronprom”, part of the State Corporation Rostec) delivered to public security department of Shanghai (China) the civilian multipurpose helicopter Ka-32A11VS producted by Kumertau Aircraft Manufacturing Company. Contract for the supply of helicopters to China was signed in 2012.

2ebbd84517fa940cf114f0349b319b5bKa-32A11VS is certified in China and has great potential for applications in the market in this region, where the demand for universal helicopters is constantly increasing. The helicopter is perfect for China with its highlands and modern metropolises thanks to the unique coaxial-rotor, which gives the opportunity to land on small unprepared fields, take off and to maneuver in high mountains and dense urban areas. Ka-32A11VS is designed for special search and rescue, fire-fighting measures, evacuating the sick and injured. Helicopters of this type are also widely used for high-altitude installation works, transportation of cargo on an external sling and skidding.

1Ka-32A11VS is optimally suited to rescue people and fight fires in tall buildings metropolises in China. The helicopter can carry long-term work in the face of strong smoke and dust. The scope of Ka-32A11VS firefighting equipment has a large list of additional specialized equipment, including water cannons for horizontal firefighting, suspended water tanks, spillway systems and fire systems of Simplex company. Complete specifications of Ka-32A11VS make it a unique by breadth of application possibilities among all multifunctional helicopters in the world.

aW1nLWZvdGtpLnlhbmRleC5ydS9nZXQvNjMwNy83MzgzMTQ3NS43LzBfNzM1OThfN2Q5NzhjYjNfWEwuanBnP19faWQ9MTg3NTA=Park of Ka-32A11BC in China is growing rapidly in line with increased demand. Recently Ka-32A11VS belonging to the State Oceanic Administration of China, came into focus the world’s leading news agencies. In early January of this year, the helicopter played a key role in the rescue of passengers blocked in the ice of the Antarctic research vessel “Akademik Shokalsky.”

In addition to China, Ka-32A11VS is certified in the EU, as well as in Chile, Mexico, South Korea, Canada, Australia and other countries. Helicopters Ka-32 of various modifications are successfully operated in Spain, Portugal, Colombia, Switzerland, Canada, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, China, Brazil and Chile. Today, it was built more than 140 vehicles, of which about half are operated abroad.


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