Demining Machine Iskatel


From 20 to 23 May Moscow received the Integrated Safety and Security Exhibition – 2014. During the event, more than 500 members from several countries presented their latest developments in the field of security systems and various equipment. So, Bauman MSTU together with the plant Remdizel (Naberezhnye Chelny) presented a mobile highly secure complex of humanitarian demining named Iskatel. The new complex is designed for search and neutralization of explosive devices as various factory and handicraft production. Complex Iskatel is proposed to demine in areas where military operations were recently.

FGTk6HlUus-big-350Complex of humanitarian demining Iskatel is a wheeled chassis mounted with a set of armored and special equipment. As a basis for demining machine was chosen KAMAZ Voin, developed a few years ago. Chassis 6×6 should ensure high handling characteristics. In addition, the characteristics of the chassis allowed equipping the machine Iskatel with all necessary equipment: depending on the configuration the wet weight machines can reach 16.7 or 19 tons. Controversial feature of the chassis is the location of transmission units outside the armored hull.

???????????????????????????????Demining machine Iskatel is capable of carrying a team of sappers. In front of the case there are jobs the driver and commander, followed by the left side – crane control post. Along the starboard the seats for sappers are provided. In total, the crew of Iskatel consists of nine members. Depending on conditions, the crew can produce clearance as using remotely operated equipment, and personally. In the first case, people are protected by armor body and by the distance between the car and the explosive device.

On the rear platform of the machine loader cranes are mounted with the possibility of using the remote control inside. For proper operation of the crane the machine Iskatel is equipped with two outriggers. Using this equipment allows the crew to make demining at a safe distance. To monitor the actions of the robot arm there are two cameras. Video signal from the camera is displayed on the operator’s monitor. Such a system allows field engineers to work at a safe distance from the explosive device under the protection of the machine body. In this case, the crew of vehicle will risk only piece of equipment that is in close proximity to the object.

1401338517_isse_2014_leokuznetsoff_img_0348The news agency Rosinformbyuro quoted the chief designer of the Bauman MSTU Center for Special Machinery Mr. Popov, according to him the clearance machine Iskatel was developed as an alternative to complex and expensive robotic systems of similar purpose.

According to some reports, the complex Iskatel has already attracted the attention of potential customers. Russian and Kyrgyz military showed its interest in this machine, as well as representatives of some scientific and engineering organizations.

df9edd9691561a6c98fb65e17616b0c4It is alleged that the armored corps of Iskatel meets level 3 NATO STANAG 4569 standard or class 6a of the Russian GOST 51136-96. Armor can protect the crew not only from bullets and shrapnel, but from undermining of mines.

New clearance machine Iskatel was first shown at the recent Integrated Safety and Security Exhibition – 2014. This means that potential customers have learned about its existence only a few days ago and, apparently, have not yet made a decision to purchase such equipment.


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