Russia reported on the battle tanks supplies in 2013

армия 2

Russia submitted the Report on conventional arms for 2013 to the UN Register. In the category of “battle tanks” there was declared the delivery of 10 main battle tanks to Azerbaijan, 101 MBTs to Algeria, 35 to Armenia and 15 to Venezuela.

It involves the transfer to Azerbaijan of the first batch of 10 T-90S tanks under the contract of 2011 for the supply of 94 MBTs worth about $ 320 million. As it was stated, 101 T-90S MBTs had been delivered to Algeria. Given the stated delivery of 86 MBTs to Algeria in 2012, the contract of 2011 eventually involved the transfer of 187 MBTs (earlier, in 2006, Algeria bought 185 T-90S MBTs). Armenia apparently received 35 upgraded T-72 tanks from the Russian Armed Forces (the media didn’t report on this contract). Venezuela received the last batch of 15 T-72B1Vs under the contract of 2009 for the supply of 92 MBTs with an assessed value of $ 200 million. In 2011 35 tanksweredeliveredtoCaracas, 42 tanks- in 2012.


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