SCO servicemen destroyed conventional terrorists in China

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The combined forces of air assault, combined arms and special units of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) destroyed conventional terrorists and freed the hostages in the final stage of the joint anti-terrorist exercises “Peace Mission 2014”.

To hold the final stage of the active phase of the exercise China has built a city at the range. According to the plan of the exercise, the SCO soldiers had to win back certain buildings. Thus, the Russian motorized infantry brigade beat out “terrorists” off the theater and the church.


EMERCOM set priorities for 2015-2017

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Technical equipment of the Russian EMERCOM rescue military formations in accordance with their airmobile character will be one of the main priorities of the ministry in 2015-2017, said Thursday the representative of the ministry.

“Among other priorities are re-equipment of Crimean divisions and equipment of ten rescue centers being created in the Arctic,” – said the representative.

According to him, in total by 2018 in the framework of the investment and construction program of the ministry there is scheduled to construct and reconstruct 45 search and rescue units, primarily aviation centers and bases of mobile readiness.  

Russian Navy confirms plans of two “Bulava” launches in 2014

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Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy, Admiral Viktor Chirkov confirmed plans for holding launches of the “Bulava” missile in 2014.

Earlier, Deputy Defense Minister Yuri Borisov said that in 2014 there would be held two launches: the first one in September from the “Vladimir Monomakh” submarine as part of the submarine test, and the second one – in November.

He explained that the rest of the test launches would take place in 2015. At the same time missile launches will be held both from submarines of the Northern Fleet, and from submarines of the Pacific Fleet.

Delegation of the Brazilian Armed Forces arrived in Russia to assess “Pantzir-S1” anti-aircraft missile and gun systems

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A delegation of the Brazilian armed forces arrived in Russia on August 26 for further evaluation of anti-aircraft missile and gun system “Pantzir-S1”, the press service of the Ministry of Defense of Brazil reported.

According to the plan, officers of land, air forces and navy of Brazil led by head of the logistics department of the Brazilian Ministry of Defense, Lieutenant-General Gershon Machado will take part in the exercises held by the Russian Armed Forces near Tula involving “Pantzir-S1” anti-aircraft missile and gun system.

A group of officers will inspect all the performance characteristics at the landfill, where it will have access to all the data, including telemetrics.

According to test results the Brazilian group of experts will prepare a report. In the case of positive test results, pre-contract negotiations will begin with the “Rosoboronexport”.

Special Forces of the Northern Fleet prevented the “terrorist attack” on the stock during exercises

1Antiterrorist unit together with the fire brigades of the Northern Fleet of Russia and the Federal Security Service in the Murmansk region prevented the “terrorist attack” on the stock of explosive materials during the exercises, the head of the department of information support of the press service of the Western Military District in the Northern Fleet Vadim Serga said on Thursday.

Exercises were held near the village Roslykovo in the Murmansk region.

“According to the legend of the exercises, on one of the objects of the Federation Council, which comprises a large number of explosives and lubricants, it was necessary to prevent a terrorist attack, as well as to organize the liquidation of its consequences in the case of a conditional commit”, said Serga. In 2013-2014, the anti-terrorist unit of the Northern Fleet took part in eight exercises conducted by the operational headquarters of the Murmansk region.

Tank Duels: Russia figured out how to defend the honor of the company command

1Russian military officials have come up with a non-standard form of combat training – duel on the tanks, the first “duelists” become military men of the Central Military District.

A new form of combat training implies that the company commanders will call each other on the “duel”, and the gang which manages ten tanks will help them. Shooting at these “duels” will be carried out with blank shots.  

“Duels stimulate tankers initiative, healthy excitement, motivate to search for unconventional solutions. We do not just teach the tankers to shoot at targets, but also prepare them to survive and win in a fight”, the commander of Yekaterinburg separate motorized rifle Connection Colonel Ramil Gilyazov said.

New Typhoon-M 8×8 combat anti-sabotage vehicle will protect Russian ballistic missiles Yars

1Combat anti-sabotage vehicles Typhoon-M will guard Russian Strategic Missile Forces’ formations, rearmed with thermonuclear intercontinental ballistic missiles Yars. This vehicle is designed for the protection and defense of missile systems.

The Typhoon-M is based on the BTR-82 8×8 armoured personnel carrier chassis equipped with a very extensive sensor array, including radar, thermal imaging night vision and echolocation, jammers to disable IEDs and even its own little hand-launched surveillance drone.

These new anti-sabotage armoured vehicles will be delivered to all reequipped missile units this year, spokesman for Russian Strategic Missile Forces Major Dmitry Andreyev said.

“Typhoon-M combat anti-sabotage vehicles are unique as they are armed with unmanned aerial combat vehicles and can detect the enemy at a distance of up to five kilometres,” he said.

Russian Black Sea Fleet to receive 11 new vessels by yearend

1The Russian Black Sea Fleet is to receive 11 new ships and service vessels, including two anti-sabotage boats, six service vessels, two diesel-electric submarines and two frigates, Navy Commander Adm. Viktor Chirkov said Thursday.

“By the end of the year the Black Sea Fleet will receive two Grachonok-class anti-sabotage boats and six service vessels of different classes. Two Project 636.3 diesel-electric submarines, the ‘Novorossiysk’ and the ‘Rostov-on-Don,’ will join the Black Sea Fleet this year,” Chirkov said.

Chirkov also said that by the end of 2014 the Black Sea Fleet is to receive a new Project 1135.6 frigate, the “Admiral Grigorovich,” and in September-October welcome a second ship of the same project, the “Admiral Essen.” Overall, the project entails six ships, with all of them going to the Black Sea Fleet.

Black Sea Fleet submarines to be based in Sevastopol and Novorossiysk

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A brigade of the Black Sea Fleet submarines will be formed consisting of two battalions before the end of the year.

In the Novorossiysk naval base and in Sevastopol the work on infrastructure for submarines deployment is coming to an end. There has been already made a decision that the first out of six diesel-electric submarines “Novorossiysk”, which, after being tested will be delivered to the Black Sea Fleet by the end of the year, will serve in Novorossiysk.

The leading diesel-electric submarine of project 636.3 “Novorossiysk” entered the Navy on August, 22. Currently “Rostov-on-Don” submarine is being tested. In October it planned to start building the “Kolpino” and the “Velikiy Novgorod”.

Eastern Military District logistics system to be checked at the teachings

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Large-scale special teachings of the Eastern Military District logistics system will be held in early September in the Far East under the leadership of Deputy Defense Minister Army General Dmitry Bulgakov.

“The exercise will involve about 20 formations, military units and organizations within the logistics system of the Eastern Military District, as well as federal authorities,” – Bulgakov told reporters.

During the maneuvers, which will be held on September 2-5, there will be worked out dozens of combat training missions for logistical operations of the Eastern District troops and the Pacific Fleet being a part of it on land, air and sea.