“MiG” together with MAI developed simulation system for flight simulation with the stereo effect


Russian Aircraft Corporation “MiG a simulation system with a stereoscopic imaging system” presented at the exhibition held in Moscow “VuzPromEkspo 2014”, the representative of the “MiG” Vladimir Ivanov informed.     

“The system allows on the ground pilots to practice elements of such complex flight as air refueling, takeoff and landing, including the deck of an aircraft carrier, group flight. When the pilot is necessary to monitor closely spaced objects, defining the range to them,” the representative of the “MiG” said.    

He noted that the modeling system is developed by the “MiG”, together with the Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI), the organization of the government’s program of interaction between universities and industry. The state has allocated for MAI 35 million rubles for this project. “MiG” has invested about 60 million rubles from its own funds.


Motorized infantry in the Amur region received “Vintorez” for the first time


Arsenal of motorized connections Field Army of the Eastern Military District stationed in the Amur region, was added by the silent sniper rifles of special forces “Vintorez”

“The infantry received the first batch of 15 silent sniper rifles” – ITAR-TASS press service chief Colonel Alexander Gordeev informed.

This rifle is designed to destroy enemy personnel, including those equipped with the means of body armor at ranges of up to 400 meters, in applications that require noiseless and flameless firing.

Putin introduced agreement on hidden management of CSTO forces


Russian President Vladimir Putin has introduced an agreement on the basic principles of creating a system of hidden management by the forces and means of the system of collective security of the CSTO for ratification in the State Duma.

The agreement establishes international legal bases of formation of a system of the hidden management of forces and means of the system of collective security of the CSTO, which are intended to provide preservation in secret of carrying out actions for the management of forces and means of the system of collective security of the CSTO under all conditions of activity and the accepted control system with them, ITAR-TASS reports.

Chechen conscripts to start military service in Russia Armed Forces in October


The draft in Chechnya will start in 17 municipalities on October 17. 500 conscripts will be enlisted and sent for service in October. Chechen enlistment officers say that 35% of conscripts have higher educations, 24% have specialized medium education and 25% have a C-category driving license, RIA Novosti reports.

Parents of conscripts and members of public organizations are joining the process. Chechnya will have its first draft in the last 20 years.

Large-scale call from Chechnya in the army broke in the early 90-ies of the last century after the start of separatist movements and the subsequent counter-terrorist operation in the region. This practice was resumed in 2000, but in 2005 it was again stopped.

Air Force training center students are trained in “ANSAT-U” helicopters

армия 4

The first group of the 3rd year students of Syzran branch of the Air Force Military Training and Research Center called  “Air Force Academy named after professor Zhukovsky and Gagarin” successfully passed the pilot trainings in new ” ANSAT-U” helicopters. The vehicles were designed and built at the Kazan Helicopter Plant (KHP) of the “Helicopters of Russia” holding.

Until recently, the ANSAT-U helicopters have been undergoing beta testing, and training of cadets was conducted in the Mi-2s. 29 students were first trained in “ANSAT-U”, the press service of “Helicopters of Russia” reported. According to the flight plan, each student had to fly on a new helicopter for 45 hours. On average, every student had more than 130 flights, the average flight hours exceeded 47. Total flying time during training amounted to 1,390 hours.

First flights and exercise “hovering in the air” were performed by the students in the helicopter “ANSAT-U” under the guidance of experienced pilots, instructors

Caspian countries to hold joint exercises in 2016

армия 3

Moscow offered the Caspian states – Russia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan – to hold large-scale emergency service joint exercises in 2016, said Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“As a first step we propose to organize in 2016 a full-scale five-sided teachings of emergency response services, which will allow to practice the notification procedures, coordination of rescue teams,” – said the Russian leader during the expanded meeting at the fourth summit of the Caspian states.

About a thousand Southern Military District recruits to serve at the Black Sea Fleet

армия 2

The Military Commissariat during the autumn conscription campaign will send about a thousand recruits from the Southern Military District for service at the Black Sea Fleet and in coastal forces of Crimea and Sevastopol, the press service told reporters on Tuesday.

According to the press service, more than 600 of them will arrive on the Crimean peninsula on the Il-76 aircraft from the airfield “Tsentralny” (Rostov-on-Don), and recruits from the Krasnodar region – in cars through the Kerch Strait by ferry.

Before sending recruits to the military units the recruits will receive personal electronic and bank cards to get payments during the service, the average sum is about two thousand rubles, as well as army “travel bags”.

Barnaul Strategic Missile Forces missile formation preparing for the exercises

Репетиция Парада Победы на полигоне в Алабино

Barnaul missile formation of the Strategic Rocket Forces is alarmed in the highest degree of combat readiness at the large scale command and staff exercise, representative of the Defense Ministry press and information service for the Strategic Missile Forces, Colonel Igor Yegorov told reporters on Tuesday.

In total, the exercises involve more than 4 thousand servicemen and about 400 units of equipment.

It is planned to use special forces units during the maneuvers. “Conditional saboteurs, who had serious special training will be opposed at the teaching only by the security and defense forces of the compound, but also by the formation of the Central Military District, which will carry out these tasks in time of war,” – said Egorov.

He said that the missile formation is armed with the “Topol” mobile ground missile complex.

More than 20 crews of Su-34 fighter-bombers of Voronezh regiment of Western Military District took part in the final tactical flight exercises


More than 20 crews of Su-34 fighter-bombers of Voronezh regiment of Western Military District took part in the final tactical flight exercises. Aircrew practice issues related to the use of aircraft weapons to hit ground targets of imaginary enemy in unfamiliar terrain.

Bomber crews solved the problem by combat use in landfills in Tver, and then in the Murmansk region. During the 4-hour non-stop flight between polygons pilots practiced actions in-flight refueling from a tanker Il-78.

The pilots also dropped bombs of different mass from a height of about 600 meters to the coordinates obtained with the help of spy plane Su-24MR, worked anti-missile maneuvering and avoiding attacks of simulated enemy aircraft.

Troops of the Western Military District received new motor vehicles



Today over 30% of commercial automotive vehicles of Western Military District are not older than 3 years. These are modern cars of “Ural-Motovoz” and “KamAZ-Mustang” family, surpassing the best foreign counterparts on such qualities as throughput, reliability and security.

As the press service of the district informed, since 201, the troops of the Western Military District received more than 6 thousand automotive vehicles from the Russian defense industry.

This year, the district troops began delivery of                 freight armored cars of “Typhoon” family. They are designed for the transportation of personnel, and for the installation of various equipment or weapons systems.