Russian-Mongolian exercises “Selenga-2015” to be held in Russia

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Russian-Mongolian antiterrorism exercises “Selenga-2015” will take place on the territory of the Eastern Military District of Russia next August-September, said Thursday the press service of the district.

This year’s exercise “Selengs” were held in August in Mongolia. They were attended by about 500 servicemen of the motorized infantry compounds, tracked vehicles, aircraft, artillery. During the exercise, Russian and Mongolian soldiers held a counter-terrorism operation and organized safe corridors for civilians.

Th place of the exercise, participants and order of logistics will be approved by the Eastern Military District command and the armed forces of Mongolia representatives during the conference next year.


Iranian servicemen reported on protection against weapons of mass destruction

Министерство обороны Российской Федерации. Архивное фото

The delegation of the Iranian Armed Forces on Thursday ended a two-day visit to the Russian Military Academy of Chemical Corps (NBC) named after Marshal Tymoshenko, told head of the press service of the Western Military District Colonel Oleg Kochetkov.

“Iranian servicemen have seen training facilities, optoelectronic minipolygon, teaching laboratories, including the nanotechnology laboratory. The members of the delegation payed particular attention to the organization of educational process at a special faculty of the academy, where foreign nationals are trained,” – said Kochetkov.

He noted that the Iranians also visited the troops museum on the territory of the academy, where they were told about the main stages of development of forces and saw unique exhibits.

Russian servicemen settled in town on Arctic island of Wrangel

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The Russian servicemen settled in the town on the Arctic Wrangel Island, and in November, accommodation for soldiers will appear at Cape Otto Schmidt, Commander of the Eastern Military District Sergei Surovikin said during the military council in Vladivostok.

Russia intends to strengthen its positions in the Arctic on all fronts: military and political, financial and economic ones. President Vladimir Putin in April ordered to create a single system of the new generation surface ships and submarines deployment, to strengthen the border and form a new state authority to implement the Russian policy in the Arctic.

According to Surovikin, radar formations, delivered to the Arctic zone by the Pacific Fleet ships and contractors’ vessels monitor the air space and are able to detect any current and future aerospace facilities in the altitude range from a few meters to a few tens of kilometers, and at a distance of a few hundreds of kilometers.

More than 250 surprised checks held in Eastern Military District this summer

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More than 250 surprised combat readiness checks have been held in the Eastern Military District in June-August of this year, said Eastern Military District commander Sergei Surovikin during the military council in Vladivostok.

According to him, the checks involved both individual military units, and formations in full force, in particular, the combined army, stationed in Buryatia, and the joint forces command in the North-East.

“Virtually all sudden inspections were held with the forces’ performance of practical tasks to enter the areas of deployment, marches, redeployment to unfamiliar polygons with subsequent live-fire exercises. The Eastern Military District  aviation worked out tasks of redeployment to new airfields, performed the tasks of maintenance and protection of naval groups , providing air support for infantry, artillery and tank units, “- said Surovikin.

Rostec taking part in WorldSkills Russia


The national championship of high-tech cross-sector competencies based on WorldSkills methodology is the first one to be held in Russia and will see professional contests between young  skilled employees of Russian companies. It is taking place in Yekaterinburg from October 30 through November 3, 2014.

One of the 11 competencies in which skilled workers will compete in the national championship of high-tech cross-sector vocations based on the WorldSkills methodology is prototype modeling, or prototyping. This is a relatively new competency, and few people know what it really is or that this technology can be used to print not only mechanical parts, but even living biological organs.

Experts and representatives of Rostec actively participate in the championship. Among the 80 judges there are 20 representatives of Rostec.

Modeling is an integral part of creating complex architectural and technological objects. The process can start with digital modeling, after which the model has to be implemented as a tangible 3D hard copy. This process used to take weeks and even months, requiring the efforts of many experts.

Rogozin announced plans of Russia and China to explore space together


Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin informed about the plans of Russia and China joint research space.

According to him, in the nearest future the Russian delegation is going to visit China. “At the International aerospace exhibition in its disposition in November sent a delegation of Roscosmos and the leading enterprises of rocket and space industry, where they will discuss specific projects with representatives of the Chinese industry. Then will report to the government of their countries,” said Rogozin.

According to Vice Prime Minister, the two countries actively cooperate in the space industry and discuss possible joint projects in the field of space exploration”.

Russian Defense Concern Almaz-Antey eyes Asia-Pacific market


Russia’s defense concern Almaz-Antey will show off its cutting-edge anti-missile defense systems at the upcoming Indo-Defense 2014 in a bid to attract Asia-Pacific buyers, the company’s Deputy CEO Arkady Nedashkovsky said Friday.

According to Nedashkovsky, the company took pride in a wide range of surface-to-air defensemissile systems weapons it was going to showcase at the international exhibition, adding the Asia-Pacific arms market was “very important” for the Russian defense industry.

“Several countries in the region show interest in the concern’s products, specifically our potential customers take interest in medium- and short-range air defense systems,” Nedashkovsky was cited as saying by the Almaz-Antey press service.

Share of new armaments in Russian strategic nuclear forces reaches 55%


Russia’s military doctrine is defensive and its main objective is ensuring the country’s sovereignty, peace and calm for its citizens, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a meeting with top-ranking officers on Friday.

Referring to the supplies of modern equipment to the army, Putin said that today the share of new armaments in the country’s strategic nuclear forces has already reached 55%, in the Air Force – about 35% and in the Navy – more than 50%, and in the ground forces the armoured and automobile equipment has been almost 70% renewed.

The president also said that combat skills of Russian troops have been considerably improved, which has been confirmed by snap checks in the forces and units and the results of more than 3,000 military exercises of various level.

Su-27 and Mi-8 to be on duty at Bobruisk airport starting from 2015

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The Su-27 aircraft and helicopters of the Army Aviation will be on duty at the airport of Bobruisk in Belarus starting from 2015, said Russian Defense Minister Gen. Sergei Shoigu.

“Next year, 12 Su-27 combat aircraft will go on combat duty at the airport of Bobruisk, as well as two training Su-27s and a link of four Mi-8. This is aviation support”, – Shoigu told reporters in Minsk on Wednesday after the meeting of the joint board of the Ministries of Defense of Russia and Belarus.

Full-fledged air defense system established in the Crimea

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In Crimea, there has been established a full-fledged air defense system, capable of repelling any air attack. It consists of short-range complexes “Pantsir” and C-300PMU long-range systems.

“Today air defense systems of the Crimea are able to reflect both missile and air attacks on the peninsula. It is composed of mobile systems, interceptor aircraft, which are now based in the Crimea, and air defense ships of the Southern Military District, integrated into the Black Sea Fleet. Exercises and interaction of forces are held regularly,” – said the representative of the military department.