“Terminators” held counter-terrorism exercises in southern Russia

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The squadron of the Mi-8AMTSh “Terminator” helicopters heeld “counter-terrorism” flight exercises in the Krasnodar Territory and the Republic of Adygea, said on Friday the press service of the Southern Military District.

The exercises were held from 26 to 28 November this year, which involved about 100 servicemen and more than 10 Mi-8AMTSh “Terminators”.

According to the scenario of the tactical exercises, the “Terminator” at night carried out covert transfer and landing of five tactical air assault groups in the forest area in the Republic of Adygea for a conditional “counter-terrorism” operation. At the mountain range the Mi-8AMTSh crews performed fire support for actions of the storm troops by launching the “Ataka” and “Shturm” anti-tank guided missiles at simulated enemy’s positions.


Bulava inter-continental ballistic missile test-launched in Barents Sea

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Russia has successfully test fired a Bulava inter-continental ballistic missile from the Alexander Nevsky strategic nuclear-powered submarine, the press service of the Russian Defense Ministry information department said on Friday.

The nuclear-powered submarine made a single test-launch in the Kamchatka Peninsula in the Russian Far East.

“The submarine was test launched from a submerged position. The parameters of Bulava flight trajectory functioned normally. According to confirmed objective control data, the missile’s warheads successfully reached a testing range in the Kamchatka Peninsula,” Russian Defense Ministry spokesperson General Igor Konashenkov said.

Russian Navy ships to conduct exercises in English Channel

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A detachment of the Russian Northern Fleet entered the English Channel, where they will hold drills, the WMD press service on the Northern Fleet reported on Friday.

Due to bad weather conditions, it was decided to wait out the storm in the neutral waters of the Bay of the Seine.

During the voyage across the North Sea, ships of navigational and electronic combat units: the “Severomorsk” large anti-submarine ship, “Alexander Otrakovsky” large landing ship as well as navigators of the “Dubna” radiometry tanker and the SB-406 rescue tug worked out exercises on the passage of narrow areas in complex meteorological conditions with intensive shipping.

“During the mooring the crews will work out a set of measures to combat underwater sabotage forces and means, will hold trainings to keep survivability of the ship moored at the ingress of water and in case of fire, and will be engaged in routine maintenance of the hardware”, – the report says.

This year Russian troops conducted 800 trainings in Transnistria

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The Russian Forces Operational Group held twice as many practical trainings in the Transnistrian region of Moldova in 2014 compared to the previous year; in total servicemen participated in more than 800 events, told spokesperson of the Western Military District Oleg Kochetkov.

“About 350 out of the total number of training activities amounted to firings from small arms and standard weapons, more than 300 exercises were held with drivers of combat and armored vehicles. More than 100 training events on special training were held for the infantry battalion units, beinf part of the joint peacekeeping forces,” – said Kochetkov, reminding that this year more than 400 Russian soldiers entered peacekeeping forces.

Crews of the group of troops also took part in more than 20 large company-tactical and special tactical exercises as well as 70 exercises on counter-terrorism.

Putin generally satisfied with Russia state defense order situation

Russian President Putin listens to a journalist's question during a televised news conference in Sochi

Russian President Vladimir Putin said he is generally satisfied with the state defense order situation in Russia’s armed forces.

“I am generally satisfied with what is happening in this sphere, though we see that there are some problems in it,” the head of state said at a meeting on development of the country’s armed forces.

At the Friday meeting with representatives of the armed forces and military enterprises which became the final one in a series of such consultations this week Putin suggested continued debate on this issue and coordination of this work with the industry so that all plans would be fulfilled qualitatively and timely. He also noted that the Friday meeting would focus on development of promising weapons and military hardware.

Russia’s Kalashnikov to supply arms to Malaysia and Thailand


Russian arms producer Kalashnikov, part of state-owned industrial corporation Rostec, will supply arms for civil markets of Malaysia and Thailand under new contracts signed with its partners in the countries, the company said in a statement Friday.

No further details on the contracts were provided.

“The company has managed to neutralize a negative impact of sanctions (imposed on Russia by the West) and expanded its presence in the world,” the company said.

Kalashnikov also continue developing cooperation with partners in other countries of the Asia-Pacific region, whose markets were earlier seemed to be closed for Russian producers due to the dominance of US products; as well as with countries in Africa and Latin America.

Russia’s Caspian flotilla to be upgraded 85% by 2016


Russia’s naval flotilla in the Caspian — a land-locked sea washing the shores of four other countries — Azerbaijan, Iran, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan — is in the process of a fundamental upgrade, expected to increase the share of the newest combat ships and boats to 85% by 2016, its commander, Captain 1st Class Ildar Akhmerov, told a news conference on Friday.

“According to a plan for implementing a presidential decree we are expected to build up the percentage of modern hardware to 70% by the year 2020. The Caspian Flotilla is currently ahead of schedule. Many new ships are entering duty these days, including those carrying advanced rocket complexes,” Akhmerov said.

Five Caspian states confirm participation in naval biathlon contest 2015


An international naval contest Caspian Sea-2015 will be held for the first time next year with teams from all littoral states taking part. Confirmations have been received from all future participants. Such a naval competition is unparalleled in the world, the Caspian Flotilla’s commander, Captain 1st Class Ildar Akhmerov, told a news conference on Friday.

“The contest will look pretty much like the tank biathlon. The ships and their crews will compete in the northern part of the Caspian on the sea, and armoured personnel carriers on the ground. Some central proving grounds will used, too,” Akhmerov said.

The Russian Defense Ministry, which pioneered the idea, is in the process of drafting the contest’s road map. The first events are due in March and the final phase is scheduled for August. The contests to be held on the sea are going to be most entertaining ones. The crews will compete in speed, performance of routine duties and artillery fire against surface and air targets. Every shot fired wide is punishable with an extra loop, precisely the way it happens in tank biathlon.

Tests of universal launch facility for Angara-A5 heavy lift rocket completed at Plesetsk


Complex testing of the universal launch facility for the heavy lift carrier rocket Angara-A5 has been completed and the rocket has been removed from the launch site of the Plesetsk spaceport, spokesman for the Russian Aerospace Defense Forces Colonel Alexey Zolotukhin told TASS on Wednesday.

“The rocket has now been removed from the launch pad of the universal launch facility and taken to the operations and checkout building of the technical complex of the cosmodrome where experts started technological operations to prepare Angara-A5 for flight tests,” Zolotukhin said.

According to him, specialists have conducted a cycle of electric tests of the carrier rocket’s systems and units, launching equipment and also tested the Angara fuelling system and checked the launch facility’s readiness for the first launch of the Angara-A5 rocket.

Russia ahead of schedule in modernizing military hardware


Russia is ahead of schedule in accomplishing the task to modernize 30 percent of its military hardware by 2016, a senior defense official said Thursday.

“We have already surpassed this goal in general, although we still have the entire 2015 at our disposal,” Anatoly Gulyaev, head of the Armaments Department at the Russian Defense Ministry, said in an interview with Rossiya 24 television.

“In terms of main types of military hardware, the share of advanced weaponry is over 40 percent at present,” Gulyaev said.