Victory Parade to be held in May in 26 Russian cities, including Sevastopol and Kerch


Military parade dedicated to the Victory Day will be held May 9 in 26 Russian cities, including Sevastopol and Kerch, said Friday the chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces Valery Gerasimov.

“Military parade dedicated to the Victory Day will be held in 26 cities of Russia, including in 9 cities-heroes, including Sevastopol and Kerch. In addition, the planned passage of the troops march past in the 36 cities of military glory,” – said at the meeting V.Gerasimov college of the Ministry of Defense.

According to him, preparation parade calculations already performed at the locations of military units and formations attracted to the parade.


Russia strengthens ties with China, India, Vietnam in Asia-Pacific


Russia strengthens ties with its Asia-Pacific neighbors — China, India and Vietnam, Deputy Foreign Minister Grigory Karasin said on Monday.

“Particular attention has been paid to Russia’s integration in the Asia-Pacific region as part of efforts to develop the Far East and Eastern Siberia,” Karasin told the Federation Council upper house of parliament.

“We continue to boost all-round cooperation and strategic partnership with China, which enables us to talk about formation of a Russian-Chinese energy and technology alliance,” he said, adding that Russia had also increasingly developed its “multi-faceted cooperation” with India, Vietnam and other Asia-Pacific states.

Russia has to respond to creation of missile defense system by U.S.


The creation by the United States of a missile defense system violates the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty and START III Treaty, which makes Russia take measures to respond, General Valery Gerasimov, the head of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, said.

“We can’t ignore such actions taken by the West and we have to take measures to respond,” he said at a meeting of the Defense Ministry collegioum in the National Defense Administration Center on Friday.

Gerasimov said these measures “are aimed primarily at equipping the Russian army and fleet with promising weapons systems that will help neutralize the potential of the U.S. missile defense system and which will have increased capabilities to overcome it.”

Russia to keep up With US, NATO military capability


Measures taken by the Russian Defense Ministry to develop the Strategic Nuclear Forces and raise the capabilities of regular troops will prevent the United States or NATO’s superiority over Russia, General Staff head Valery Gerasimov said Friday.

“The Armed Forces’ priority is the quality improvement of the Strategic Nuclear Forces,” Gerasimov said.

The statement comes after US Deputy Secretary of Defense Robert Work’s statement Thursday that the growth in Russia’s military spending and modernization over the past decade represents a challenge to the United States.

“This attitude toward keeping the Strategic Nuclear Forces in the condition of high combat readiness in combination with the quality improvement of the combat potential of the regular troops will prevent the military superiority of the United States and NATO over Russia,” Gerasimov said.

Russian Navy will soon receive three Project 22350 frigates

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The Russian Navy will soon receive three Project 22350 frigates, capable of carrying out tasks of air defense, striking surface and shore targets of the enemy, detecting submarines, said deputy commander of the Russian Navy, Rear Admiral Victor Bursuc.

He reminded that the head frigate of the 22350 project “Admiral Gorshkov” is currently being tested, and at the end of 2015 it will be handed over to the Navy. Bursuc explained that these ships will be able to effectively perform the tasks being part of ship groups in the far sea zone, interacting with aircraft and submarines.

Bursuc also explained that a new generation destroyer is also being developed. It will significantly exceed the ships of its class in terms of performance characteristics and on-board weapons.

Russian Defense Ministry intends to hold audit of all development works on creation of new equipment – Shoigu

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Admission to the troops of the latest models of weapons, military and special equipment depends on the timeliness and quality of their creation, Defense Minister Gen. Sergei Shoigu said on Friday at a board meeting of the Russian Defense Ministry.

“Today, we are actively working on completing a number of development projects within the framework of import substitution. Given the current economic situation, we must ensure the most efficient use of funds allocated for rearmament of the Armed Forces,” – said Sergei Shoigu.

According to the minister, it is very important to analyze the ongoing work, take measures to accelerate the completion of priority development projects and abandon research work in areas that have lost their relevance.

Petrov became first “ground” deputy commander of Black Sea Fleet

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Lieutenant-General Yuri Petrov was appointed deputy commander of the Black Sea Fleet (BSF), chief of the Black Sea Fleet information support department Vyacheslav Trukhachev said on Thursday.

Up to now, no General has occupied the position of Deputy Commander in Chief of the Black Sea Fleet.

“Lieutenant-General Yuri Petrov was appointed Deputy Commander of the Black Sea Fleet, the relevant decree was signed by President Vladimir Putin. Prior to his appointment to the BSF Yuri Petrov served as Deputy Chief of the Main Directorate for the Armed Forces combat training,” – said Trukhachev.

Shoigu: Russia to strengthen groups of forces in strategically important areas

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Russia will strengthen the groups of forces in strategically relevant areas, making adjustments to the Defense Ministry action plan for 2015, said head of department, Sergei Shoigu on Friday.

According to him, adjustments to the 2015 Defense Ministry plan, approved by the head of the Department on December 19 last year, were made taking into account the decisions taken by the leadership of the state to build up the combat potential of the Armed Forces in connection with the current military-political situation around Russia.

In his words, “indicators for equipping the Armed Forces with modern weaponry and military technical means have been specified, the plan of construction of military camps and military facilities has been amended”.

Latest electronic warfare systems to be given the Eastern Military District in 2015


The latest electronic warfare systems entered service the Eastern Military District in 2015, the chief of the press service of the Eastern Military District, Colonel Alexander Gordeev told reporters on Thursday.

“In the division of electronic warfare Eastern Military District this year will go some unique modern complexes” Krasuha-C4 “, – he said.

The number of complexes, which will go to the county, Gordeev did not elaborate.

Russia’s Defense Ministry has received another bomber Tu-95MS


Modernized strategic bomber Tu-95MS transferred to the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation in the framework of the state defense order.

“Tuesday, 27 January 2015, was handed over to the next upgraded missile Tu-95MS the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation under the government contract. The modernization carried out the replacement of avionics, which will extend the life of the aviation system in 2025” – said in a press service.