Russian Defense Ministry will hold international army games August 1-15


Russian Defense Ministry will hold an international army games 1-15 August this year, said Friday the head of the Main Directorate of Combat Training the Armed Forces, Lieutenant General Ivan Buvaltsev.
“Carrying out of 12 international competitions species and genera of the sun on the field training on 10 landfills Western, Central and Southern Military District,” – said Buvaltsev during the planning conference in Moscow, which was attended by representatives of 26 States military missions.


Regiment of Radiation, Chemical and Biological Defense Army of the Southern Military District completed first special exercise in North Ossetia


The first special exercise regiment Radiation, Chemical and Biological Defense Army of the Southern Military District was completed in North Ossetia, the press service of the Southern Military District.
During the exercises have been worked out the issues of interaction, reconnaissance using the latest technology.
“In addition, chemists scouts performed exercises aerosol camouflage troops and facilities in order to reduce losses in manpower and materiel, have worked to overcome the problem of contaminated terrain on foot and on special equipment,” – said in a statement.

United States could establish an alliance with the Russian Federation in creating a missile defense system, but they took a different path – Lavrov


US missed a chance to establish allied relations with Russia, when a few years ago, refused the offer of Moscow to cooperate in the creation of a missile defense system aimed at protecting the common missile threats, said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.
“When the Americans came out of the ABM Treaty, have begun implementation of a network of its global missile defense system, Russian President Vladimir Putin in 2007 suggested that the then US President George W. Bush version of missile defense cooperation on the basis of full equality, mutual trust, mutual development and mutual implementation of the system of protection against missile threats, “- he said.

Preparing for a CIS navies’ competition started in the Caspian Sea


Spetsstroy – the Federal Agency for Special Construction of Russia, started preparing training facilities for the international competition of the CIS Armed Forces – Caspian-2015, Report informs citing the press service of the Southern Military District of Russia.

Competitions are scheduled for August this year.

During the construction the route will be equipped with a starting ground and waiting areas, start and finish boundaries, and high-speed motor racing track section with various obstacles, as well as arrangement of the target fields with various onshore and offshore purposes.

The plan provides 27 activities to be carried out, including the construction of six facilities.

Bochkarev: Russia has no plans to reduce development of advanced weapons

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Difficult economic conditions in Russia will not cause the reduction of development work on advanced weapons, said deputy chairperson of the board of the Military-Industrial Commission under the President of the Russian Federation Oleg Bochkarev.

He explained that it is just necessary to “properly plan” and to allocate funds for all processes: development phase, collection of design documentation, working with samples.

“The whole armament system is balanced. If you order a machine gun, but do not place an order for ammunition – why do you need a machine gun, if there is no ammunition, and so on?” – he added.

Russian Air Force to hold “Aviadarts” and two more competitions in 2015

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In 2015, the Air Force of Russia will hold two more competitions in addition to the international air training “Aviadarts”, said Air Force spokesperson Col. Igor Klimov.

The competition of anti-aircraft missile troops will involve units armed with the S-400 “Triumph”, S-300PM-1, S-300PS and “Pantzir-S1” systems from the Air and Air Defense Forces of all the military districts, Navy and Aerospace defense troops.

The competitions will be held at the “Telemba” site in Buryatia, where participants will perform an anti-aircraft combat and firings at various targets.

The “Aviadarts-2015” will be traditionally involve crews of fighter, bomber, attack, army, military transport and long-range aviation.

Russian Black Sea Fleet holds first exercises with Sevastopol Emergency department


The Russian Black Sea Fleet servicemen held the first joint fire and tactical exercises with the Emergency department of Sevastopol on Friday, the Black Sea Fleet press service reported.

“In accordance with the legend of the teachings, there happened a short circuit in one of the rooms, due to which the equipment on stage caught on fire, the fire began to spread. The naval and city fire departments which arrived on call must evacuate people and localize conventional fire,” – press-release said.

The purpose of this training is to “strengthen the interaction between the Fire and Rescue Service of the Black Sea Fleet and the city.”

Construction of objects for “Caspian Sea – 2015” competition started

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The construction of training facilities for the international competition of the CIS member states’ armed forces “Caspian Sea – 2015” started in the Caspian flotilla, said on Friday the press-service of the Southern Military District.

The “Caspian Sea – 2015” competition, set be held in August, is an initiative of the Russian Federation and involves the crews of surface ships and personnel of the Marine Corps Armed Forces of the CIS member states. One main and one reserve ship (boat) from the Navy of member countries and one Marine Corps unit (plus reserve) will be allowed to participate. The main stages of the contest are planned to be held in the waters and at the coast of the Caspian Sea at combat training ranges.

The long-term construction plan envisages performing of 27 types of work, including building of six capital projects. Works are expected to be completed in June.

Single Black Sea Fleet ships hold artillery battles

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Warships and support vessels of the Black Sea Fleet are working out artillery firings and search for mines, the press service of the Russian Black Sea Fleet reported.

Thus, the P-109 missile boat held an artillery battle at sea with the ships of the “enemy”, performed artillery firing at the towed shield and jamming. In the near future, similar tasks will be performed by the crew of the “Bora” missile hovercraft.

The “Ivan Golubets” and “Kovrovets” sea trawlers performed tasks of mine detection and clearing of waterways with the actual deployment of trawls. The “Valentin Pikul” sea trawler will also search for minefields.

It is also reported that the crew of the “Nikolai Fil’chenkov” large amphibious assault ship held a special tactical exercise on the landing of personnel and equipment.

Cabinet of Ministers to discuss protocol to Treaty on Nuclear Weapon-Free Zone

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On Thursday, the Russian government will discuss the presentation of the Protocol to the Treaty on the zone free of nuclear weapons in Central Asia for the President of the Russian Federation to ratify it, the press-service of the Cabinet reported.

“The contract provides that all parties refuse from development, manufacture or other acquisition, possession or control over nuclear weapons, from deployment or transportation of nuclear weapons by any means, from the testing or usage of nuclear weapons, and promise not to allow other states to do this on their territory,” – a statement said.