Russian Defense Ministry turning East while keeping West in mind

1Defense vice-minister Anatoliy Antonov named Russian relations with Egypt, China and Asian-Pacific countries a priority.

At his press conference last Thursday Antonov spoke about the West undermining international security, trying to impose its rules and Russia aiming at protecting its national interests while maintaining a dialogue with NATO.

Russian relations with the East are developing well; those with China are at their best.

Meanwhile in the West Antonov is seen as one of the main elements of the “Russian threat” and can be found in the sanctions list.

Antonov’s speech followed a new round of rigorous US rhetoric blaming Russian for some “Ukrainian intervention”.

Antonov underlines that instead of joining to fight terrorism, USA, EU, Canada and some other countries have accepted the obligations to punish the countries with diverse vision of world order. He explains that NATO uses the Ukrainian crisis to move closer to the Russian borders. He admits that during the whole period of his diplomatic work this is the toughest period in the Russian-American relations.

The vice-minister also commented upon the NATO claims of registered Russian troops on the Ukrainian territory.

Antonov underlined the importance of maintaining traditional partnerships such as those with Latin America and Asian-Pacific region.

Antonov is also known in the world for his position on the situation around Mistral, where he insists that “Business is business, a contract should be executed anyway”.

Currently with USA counteracting Mistral shipments France is unsure, whether to execute its business obligations to Russia or to bind them to the progress in subduing the Ukrainian crisis.


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