Russian army in Crimea: strong and up-to-date


A year after becoming part of the Russian Federation, Crimea becomes a key point in the military politics of the country, protected by army, fleet and aviation.

Minister Shoigu explains that today Crimea possesses an independent full-fledged and self-reliant army.

Russian side believes that reinforcing Crimean military units is an adequate response to the unstable world situation.

In the beginning of the Crimean integration Russia tried to pass over to Ukraine its army property. This move was cut by the Ukrainian party in July. Now the process is unlikely to begin again, as these weapons can be used in the actual crisis, while the Ukrainian president announced his intention to get back all the Crimean armaments.

A group of Ukrainian soldiers also remained in Crimea becoming Russian military.

After Crimea became a part of Russia, a lot has been done to develop its military units and provide the peninsula with sophisticated weapons.

More than that, Crimean military got a space unit in February 2015.

Modern soldiers are prepared at the Sebastopol presidential military school, opened in September 2014.

But still there are a lot of changes to be done in the military infrastructure of the peninsula.

By 2020 the Russian fleet in Crimea will receive more than 86 bln rubles.


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