Russian Air Force to receive 16 Sukhoi Su-34 aircraft in 2015

армия 4

The Novosibirsk Aircraft Plant owned by “Sukhoi” is successfully implementing the program for the construction of the new Sukhoi Su-34s for the Russian Air Force, head of the military aircraft directorate of the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC), former Air Force Commander Vladimir Mikhailov told reporters on Wednesday.

“This year, the plant must deliver 16 Sukhoi Su-34s. The Novosibirsk plant is ready to prepare the aircraft ahead of schedule,” – said Vladimir Mikhailov during the visit of the Defense Ministry delegation to Novosibirsk headed by Deputy Defense Minister Yuri Borisov.

The Su-34 multifunctional tactical fighter-bomber belongs to the “4+” generation of aircraft. Regardless of the time of day and weather conditions it is able to effectively hit ground, sea and air targets in any geographical area with the use of all range of aircraft munitions, including precision ones.


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