Development of strategic missile RS-26 – one of the reciprocal steps on the deployment of US missile defense


Intercontinental ballistic missile RS-26 “Frontier”, developed in Russia, does not violate the requirements of the START-3 and Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF), said, “Interfax-AVN” on Thursday in the Russian Defense Ministry .

“Americans have no official claims to the missile RS-26 will be charged. Because of these claims have no grounds. The American side was presented telemetry test launches RS-26, which clearly proves that the new missile belongs to the class of intercontinental ballistic and does not violate the agreement START -3 and INF – a spokesman said.

He was commenting on the publication in the newspaper “Kommersant” that in Russia successfully completed state tests MS-26, which may soon enter the Strategic Missile Forces, and that the US considers this a violation of START and INF.

According to him, work on the PC-26, which differs from the missile RS-24 fewer steps and a reduced range of start-up, is one of reciprocal steps Russia to deploy US global missile defense system.


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