At the bottom of the lake Baikal was erected a monument


Unusual monument installed at the bottom of the Sacred Sea Baikal by employees of the search and rescue team (BPSO).
March 31 to commemorate the exploits of military divers who died during the Great Patriotic War, rescuers have installed at the bottom of the Gulf of Listvenychny memorial “Anchor”. This bay is one of the most popular dive sites on Lake Baikal. Now, every diver, who came down to the transparent depth can pay tribute to the heroes of the Great Patriotic War.
– The exploits of sailors, marines, and airmen during World War II is known a lot, but few people remember that hundreds of divers have died under enemy fire, from explosions bottom mines during mine clearance, from forced violation of modes of descent and ascent – the press service of the BPSO.
Divers passed the hard way war from the Volga River to the River Spree, clearing waterways from minefields, debris of blasted bridges, sunken ships and providing a ferry across the river. Then, in time of peace, they were restoring waterways, bridges, levees and dams, river and sea ports, remind rescuers.


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