“Caspian Sea-2015” to take place in three stages

армия 2

The International Competition “Caspian Sea-2015” will include three stages – “Caspian derby” for marines, “Caspian Cup” for ship crews and “Sport” for all personnel, said Thursday head of the Russian Navy combat training command, counter Admiral Viktor Kochemazov.

The “The Caspian Sea-2015” competition will be held in August. It is an initiative of the Russian Federation and is meant for crews of surface ships and personnel of the Marine Corps of the CIS member states Armed Forces. One main and one reserve ship (boat) from the Navy of the member countries and one Marine Corps unit (plus reserve) will be allowed to participate. The main stages of the contest will be held in the waters of the Caspian Sea and near its coast at the ranges of combat training.

The contest “The Caspian Sea-2015” will be held this August for the first time as part of the “International military games 2015”. Before that, there have been no analogues for such form of competition in the Russian Navy.


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