Heavy motorized infantry brigade of Central Military District alerted as part of readiness check

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The heavy motorized infantry brigade of the Central Military District stationed in the Orenburg region was alerted during a surprise readiness check and started performing combat training missions, said CMD Assistant Commander Jaroslav Rostchupkin.

“After completing actions aimed at bringing the units in the highest level of combat readiness, the motorized infantry, armored and artillery units of the brigade marched to the designated areas at the Totsky range, where they will complete exercises on control firings from standard weapons and regulations on driving military vehicles,” – a statement said.

Practical actions that are carried out according to the plan of unannounced inspections in the CMD, attracted more than 3.5 thousand soldiers and officers and more than 1.2 thousand units of equipment.


First Deputy Chief of Russian General Staff to participate in meeting of the Military Committee of Collective Security Treaty Organization

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First Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, Colonel-General Nikolai Bogdanov will attend a meeting of the Military Committee of the Collective Security Treaty Organization Member States (CSTO) in Tajikistan.

The meeting will be held before the meetings of the CSTO statutory bodies, scheduled for this May.

“During the meeting of the Military Committee Chiefs of Staff of the armed forces of Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Tajikistan will consider a range of issues of multilateral military cooperation of the CSTO member states,” – said the Russian Defense Ministry.

Russian Air Force pilots perform flights professionally, US admiral said


Russian strategic aviation pilots perform flights professionally and in accordance with international standards, said head of the Northern Command of the US Armed Forces, Admiral William Gortney.

Over the recent years, the Russian Air Forces have resumed flights of strategic aviation over neutral territories, including areas in Europe and at the borders of the United States and Canada. Western countries have repeatedly expressed their concern in this regard, and accused Russia of fomenting tension. Moscow responded by pointing to the fact, that the alliance’s aviation had never stopped such flights, and the Russian side carried out patrolling in compliance with international standards.

Baltic Fleet ships destroyed “enemy’s submarine” during exercise

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The Baltic Fleet ship strike group held exercises in which the crews found and destroyed the enemy’s submarine, the press service of the Western Military District reported.

The crews, in particular, performed firings from the RBU-6000 reactive depth-charge throwers and worked out the use of torpedoes.

“The search for the submarine played by the crew of the “Vyborg” boat was carried out together with the Ka-27 anti-submarine helicopters of the Baltic Fleet naval aviation. Despite the acoustic discretion of the “Vyborg”, the ships’ crews were able to successfully classify the target and conventionally destroy it using anti-submarine weapons,” – a statement said.

Defense Ministry: more than 16 thousand military Strategic Missile Forces to be certified


More than 16 thousand ensigns, sergeants and soldiers of the Strategic Missile Forces will be certified, a spokesman of the Press and Information, Colonel Igor Egorov.

As explained by the spokesperson of the system of recruitment for military units and formations of Strategic Missile Forces soldiers contracted continuously improved.
“For the Strategic Missile Forces is the most pressing issue in connection with the operation of the necessity of complex and high-tech equipment supplied to the troops. Improving qualifications touched and active military personnel. In this regard, the Strategic Missile Forces deployed work on certification of more than 16,000 military personnel serving in positions warrant , sergeants and soldiers, “- said the colonel.

“Armata” floated thanks to Kurs


Central Research Institute “Kurs” has developed a floating system for armored vehicles.

Floating complex can be adapted to track a promising platform “Armata”, which will set up the basic armored ground forces. Pontoon complex with its own engine can provide transport up to 50 people or up to eight tons of cargo, landing with armored vehicles, crossing water obstacles, combat operations in the coastal zone at a distance of 200 km from the coast.

Troops of Aerospace Defense increased opportunities of electrooptical unit “Okno”


The possibility of a separate electrooptical unit “Okno” space control system (part of Aerospace Defense troops) was increased significantly: after entering of four more stations of their total number in the complex increased to ten, the unit commander Vladimir Hromchenkov told journalists on Wednesday.
“Electrooptical unit “Okno” is fully completed. It is possible to increase the performance characteristics of the unit on the search, detection, tracking space objects”, – said Hromchenkov.

Russia’s Western Military District receives upgraded main battle tanks


Russian Defense Ministry’s Western Military District received refurbished T-72B3 main battle tanks, according to the district’s press service.

The upgraded 125-mm smoothbore gun, using armor-piercing sabots, is the tank’s main armament. The tank is also fitted with a 7.62 mm machine gun and a roof-mounted 12.7 mm antiaircraft machine gun.

The T-72B3 is equipped with a new ballistic computer and a fire control system to improve firing accuracy. The tank’s sight has day/night capability and can be used under any weather conditions. The tanks also have new communication systems.