Russian servicemen received upgraded “Sani” in Altai

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The motorized rifle connection of the Central Military District stationed in the Altai region received more than 30 modernized mortar complexes 2S12A “Sani”, the press service of the district reported on Thursday.

“The basis of the complex, a 120-mm 2B11 mortar, got a new base plate with a hinge that allows to steer towards the target horizontally and to quickly transfer fire without turning the heavy support. It is able to fire virtually any suitable caliber mines of Russian and foreign production,” – a statement said.

This complex is intended for destruction of manpower and firepower of the enemy, for destruction of field fortifications.


Defense Ministry completed publication of electronic 12-volume book “Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945”

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Publication of the complete 12-volume fundamental scientific and historical work “The Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945” has been completed on the official website of the Russian Defense Ministry, reported the press service and information of the military department.

“The finishing 11th and the 12th volumes of the publication have been placed on the Defense Ministry in the “Victorious May” division, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War,” – a message says.

Second brigade of Eastern Military District to be armed with “Iskander-M” missile complex

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Servicemen of the Eastern Military District missile compound went to a specialized range in the Astrakhan region, where they will be trained to use the “Iskander-M” operational-tactical complex, said Thursday EMD spokesperson Colonel Alexander Gordeev.

“This is the second missile compound of the Eastern Military District to be rearmed with the “Iskander-M” complexes, – he said.

According to him, “within six months the military personnel under the supervision of experts will examine the rules of operation and use of the complex, and tactical exercises with combat training missile launches will be held at the final stage.”

Russian Defense Ministry to inspect Norwegian Air Brigade “North” in Tromsø

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In accordance with the 2011 Vienna Document on confidence-building measures and security, the Russian team of inspectors is planning a visit to assess the military facility of the armed forces of Norway, the Russian Defense Ministry reports.

During the visit, “the inspectors will check the headquarters of the brigade in its usual deployment site in time of peace, where will hold a briefing and receive information concerning personnel, as well as the major weapon and equipment systems from the command,” said Sergei Ryzhkov.

He reminded that the activities under the Vienna Document “are carried out to verify the information on military forces and plans for the deployment of major weapon and equipment systems.”

Gunners of Western Military District train with a company of drones


Gunners of the separate motorized rifle brigade of the Western military district, stationed in the Pskov region, together with a unit of drones will develop methods of fire destruction of the enemy, the press office of the District said Thursday.
“Air Group of UAVs detects the positions of military equipment and engineering fortifications of imaginary enemy, and transmits the exact coordinates to the command post of the artillery battalion, and 122-mm of Gvozdika self-propelled mounts mimic the destruction of military equipment and weapon emplacements imaginary enemy,” the statement said.

Russian Western Military District about to receive upgraded T-72B3 main battle tanks


The Russian Ministry of Defense announced yesterday that under re-armament program, upgraded tanks T-72B3 will be delivered soon to the Western MD. The T-72B3 is a development of the standard Russian-made T-72B series currently in service in the Russian army. The T-72B3 has significantly improved its combat characteristics with more fire power, protection, mobility and command controllability.

The main armament of the T-72B3 is a 125mm 2A46M-5 smoothbore gun fitted with a light-alloy thermal sleeve and a bore evacuator. Thanks to new hard-core projectile, modern ballistic computer, modernized stabilizer and auto target tracker the fire accuracy when moveless and moving has significantly increased.

Also unlike the predecessors T-72B3 has the latest fire control system. Digital ballistic computer allows reducing time for calculations and increasing efficiency. Imaging infrared channel of the primary sight provides reliable operation of guidance equipment day and night in any weather conditions.

Russia to triple production of missiles for air and missile defense in 2015


Russia’s defense-industrial complex will triple the production of missiles for air defense and missile defense complexes this year in contrast to 2014 parameters, a reliable source at the Defense Ministry has told TASS.

“The defense-industrial complex has been ordered to step up the production of missiles manufactured for air defense and missile defense complexes by 200%, which is to considerably increase the capabilities of the newly-created arm of the Russian armed forces — the Air and Space Force,” the source said, adding that the production of missiles would grow by thousands.

Russian missile operators brought up to speed on Iskander-M


Missile operators of Russia’s Eastern Military District will undergo a special retraining course to handle the state-of-the-art Iskander-M ballistic missile system.

During the six-month course at a test range in the southern Astrakhan region the missile system operators will be learning the ins and outs of the advanced tactical ballistic missile complex to culminate in a real-life missile launch.

It is the second unit of the Russian Missile Forces to be armed with the Iskander-M complexes, military officials said.