Defense Ministry: EW troops to get about 300 units of modern equipment

армия 3

The troops of electronic warfare will receive about 300 units of modern technology this year, the Defense Ministry press service reported on Wednesday.

“These are almost all groups of EW equipment – radio jamming, radar and navigation, protection of precision weapons, control means and software. Among them are particularly important modern complexes such as “Krasuha-2O”, “Murmansk-BN”, “Borisoglebsk- 2”, “Krasuha-S4” and “Svet-KU”. There are more than 20 types of equipment,” – a press-release said.

“Today, the electronic warfare troops are armed with modern systems of electronic intelligence and jamming, which by their performance characteristics are not only not inferior to the best foreign analogues, but are also better on a number of the combat indicators. They are able to neutralize and block the most dangerous enemy weaponry, including high-precision weapons,” – the department noted.


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