Russian North Fleet Aviation Holding Anti-Ship Drills in Barents Sea


Northern Fleet’s press service announced that aviation from Russia’s Northern Fleet has begun anti-ship military exercises in the Barents Sea beyond the Arctic Circle.

Aviation from Russia’s Northern Fleet has begun anti-ship military exercises in the Barents Sea beyond the Arctic Circle, the Northern Fleet’s press service announced Tuesday.

This is another big military drill held by the Russian military since the beginning of 2015. The Russian Defense Ministry plans to conduct at least 4,000 war games this year, according to its earlier announcement.


Russia Deepens Energy Cooperation With Argentina


Russia and Argentina signed documents deepening energy cooperation on Thursday, underlining Moscow’s drive to develop ties with South America since coming under Western sanctions over the Ukraine crisis.

At a ceremony in the Kremlin, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Argentine President Cristina Fernandez hailed the agreements as opening a new stage in relations as well as boosting cooperation on gas and nuclear energy in Argentina.

Russian state-owned gas producer Gazprom signed a memorandum on cooperation with Argentinian state oil company YPF, while Russia’s Rosatom signed a similar deal for construction of a nuclear power plant in Argentina.

Russian Ministry of Defence unveiled first of unidentified documents about the meeting on the Elbe


The Defence Ministry has published on its official portal unidentified first of the documents from the funds of the Central archive of the Ministry on the meeting of the allied forces in the anti-Hitler coalition on the Elbe in 1945, stated in the press service of the Ministry of defence.
“The collection consists of 2 parts and contains more than 240 pages of unique historical documents. The first is devoted to the historical meeting between the red Army and the allied forces on the Elbe river on 25 April 1945. The second section contains the documents that reveal the cooperation of the USSR with the Anglo-American allies in the sphere of Economics and politics, for example, about the program of the Arctic convoys on the program of lend-lease “, – reported in the report on the Internet representation offices.

Military pilots in Primorye work out the combat use of weapons


Crews of Ka-52 and Mi-8AMTSh helicopter, Su-25 frontline, Su-24 bombers, Su-27 and Su-30 cm from the Eastern Military District in Primorye are preparing for the finals of the competition “Aviadarts 2015,” according to the press Office of the Eastern Military District.
“These days the crews of combat vehicles perform tasks of air navigation, aerobatics singles and as part of couples, as well as work out the combat use of missile and bomb weapons at targets on the accuracy. During the flight the pilots shifts overcome air defense system imaginary enemy, perform combat shooting ground targets missile-gun armament at various distances,” said the statement.

Marines to test complexity of race track barriers before military-sports games “Heroes’ races”

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Alabino, located near Moscow, will host military-sports game “Heroes’ races” held with the support of the Defense Ministry, in which everyone will be able to test their strength and agility, says the press and information service of the Russian Defense Ministry.

“On April 24, the suburban range of “Alabino” will host a test race ahead of the next season of military-sports games “Heroes’ races”, during which the new race track barriers will be checked by more than 500 cadets of the Ryazan Higher Airborne Command School,” – said the statement received by “Interfax-AVN” on Thursday.

More than 100 countries to send their representatives to “Army 2015” forum

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Employees of the military-diplomatic missions from more than 100 countries will attend the “Army-2015” forum set to be held by the Defense Ministry in June in the Moscow suburb of Kubinka, authorized communications agency of Human Element forum said on Thursday.

“The forum will be attended by representatives of military-diplomatic corps of more than 100 countries … it is expected to hold meetings at the highest level”, – the release states.

SCO special forces work out landing of assault teams during exercises

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On Thursday, brigades of the SCO special forces worked out landing of assault groups in mountainous terrain during a joint exercise, which is being held in Kyrgyzstan, said a spokesperson of the chief of staff of the armed forces of Kyrgyzstan.

A joint training of special forces of the Member States of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization started in the republic on Tuesday. According to servicemen of Kyrgyzstan, the training is attended by 20-25 representatives of the Army Special Forces from Russia, China, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan. The exercise takes place on the basis of special brigade “Scorpion” in the Kyrgyz city of Tokmak.

Russia to send drones to monitor situation in Arctic

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On May 1, Russian drones will start monitoring the situation in the Arctic and in the area of ​​the Northern Sea Route, said Thursday the press service of the Eastern Military District.

“A division of “Orlan-10″ UAVs of the Eastern Military District stationed in Chukotka, will begin monitoring the Arctic zone from May 1. UAV units will perform the task of maintaining the objective control over the situation in the Russian Arctic zone, including the environmental and ice one in the near maritime zone and in the area of ​​the Northern Sea Route,” – a statement said.

It is noted that unmanned systems of the EMD Mi-26 helicopters performing tasks in the Arctic zone are in combat readiness. They can be delivered to any area to monitor the situation in the interests of navigation and to perform search and rescue operations if it is necessary.