“Kurganets-25” will go into production in the years 2019-2020


Serial production of the infantry fighting vehicle of a new generation of “Kurganets-25” is scheduled to begin in the 2019-2020 years, said on Monday Deputy Chairman of the board of the Military-Industrial Commission under the President of the Russian Federation Oleg Bochkarev.

“Defense Ministry have signed state contracts with our vendors. The first part of the pilot batch” Kurgan “will be presented at this year’s May 9 Victory Day parade in Moscow, and then contracted these machines the next three years. That is, from 2016 to 100 units” Kurgan “go to different regions for testing, testing, and then after processing mass production will begin in 2019-2020 years”, – he said.


AK-12 will not be shown on the Victory Day parade in Moscow this year


AK-12 will not be shown at the Victory Parade in Moscow this year, but you will see new versions of “Kalashnikov” rifles, deputy chairman of the board of the Military-Industrial Commission (MIC) Oleg Bochkarev said.

“AK-12 will not be there. This machine now completes the state tests. There will be a different story. The personnel of which will be held on Red Square columns, they will have the weapons that today goes into service in the army – it’s different models of machines” Kalashnikov ” model AK-74 with nuances depending on the genera and species of troops, “- said Bochkarev Monday.

Russian Northern Fleet’s fighter jets hold drills with missile launches over Barents Sea


Deck-based fighter jets of Russia’s Northern Fleet held tactical exercises with air-to-air missile launches over the Barents Sea, Fleet spokesman Capitan First Rank Vadim Serga said on Tuesday.

“Pilots of the Northern Fleet’s shipborne fighter jet aviation regiment held flight tactical exercises with the practical launch of air-to-air missiles. The drills were held at the naval aviation’s combat training ranges over the Barents Sea. Several dozen flights by deck-based Su-33 [NATO reporting name: Flanker-D] fighters were performed,” the spokesman said.

Putin: Russian Federation contributed to general and complete disarmament


Russia consistently fulfills all the provisions of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) and reduced its nuclear arsenal to the lowest level, which is a significant contribution to general and complete disarmament. Report informs citing the Tass it was said by the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons in welcoming Russian President Vladimir Putin to the Conference in 2015.

“We plan to continue to work in this direction, as well as to maintain a balance between the development of the” peaceful atom “and strengthening the non-proliferation regime, including the IAEA safeguards system – said Putin.Configured to work closely with all stakeholders to create a modern, stable and secure architecture of cooperation in the field of nuclear energy”.

Icebreaker “Admiral Makarov” accompanying ships to Arctic


The icebreaker has started accompanying ships to the arctic zone to provide for the interests of the Eastern military district.

The icebreaker met the first ships in the Bering sea to lead them to military camps in the arctic region.

The ships carry about 10 tons of building materials and equipment to construct objects of arctic military infrastructure.

In 2015 the second stage of building and finalizing the military infrastructure will take place here. The reconstruction of an airport is also planned for this period.

All the activity will be executed with the respect for environment protection laws.

Nasenkov: finishing checkouts for transport aviation


Igor Nasenkov informs that the Russian corporation is finishing checkouts of sophisticated units of radio electronic fight for transport helicopters and planes.

He reminded that new units of individual defense were provided for the army in 2014. Now checkouts of new units are being finished.

Nasenkov’s corporation was created in 2009 to develop sophisticated equipment in civilian and military spheres.

Equipment on photon crystals by 2020


Igor Nasenkov informs that new sophisticated equipment of radio technical recognition and radio electronic counteraction on photon crystals will be used in Russia by 2020.

He informs that the new technology will determine the development of double-purpose equipment, substituting for some actual technologies.

This technology will ensure new opportunities for better equipment.

Nasenkov’s corporation of 100 research institutes and other units in 29 subjects of the Russian Federation produces modern domestic and medical equipment, transport and others.

Shoigu checks the navy control center in S.Petersburg


Russian defense minister Shoigu inspected the Center for Navy control and its divisions.

Chief of press service and information informs about the minister’s controls, providing the details.

The minister also encountered chief officers, inspecting their activity for research in the ocean and organization of search-and-safe operations.

Shoigu also ensured further increase of information exchange volumes, sophistication of interdepartmental cooperation to provide for navy security of the country.