NI: T-14 “Armata” tank corresponds to new military doctrine of Russia

армия 1

Design features of the new T-14 “Armata” tank reflect key changes in the Russian military doctrine, says National Interest.

Like Western counterparts, the “Armata” is a tank of high profile, along with powerful layers of combined and active armor its design includes means to counter missile threat, the media says. The publication compares the Russian T-14 tank with the Israeli “Merkava”, assuming that the latter inspired the creators of “Almata”.

The tank is equipped with a plurality of opto-electronic devices, located along the perimeter of the tower and body – they include fire control systems, night vision devices and high-definition camcorders. The machine gun mounted on the turret, is controlled remotely from an armored capsule. A 125 mm smoothbore gun is notable for high accuracy.


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