Slobodchikov: “Palma” air defense system creates “shield” around ship

армия 2

The “Palma” anti-aircraft artillery system, created by the “Nudelman Precision Engineering Design Bureau” (KBtochmash, is part of “Rostec”) (ZAC) is able to create such a dense field of defeat on the way of anti-ship missiles flying to the ship that we can actually speak about an “iron shield”, managing director of KBtochmash Vladimir Slobodchikov said Tuesday.

“The complex consists of two quick-firing six-barreled machine guns – 10 thousand rounds per minute, 180 rounds per second, creating a very dense field of destruction that hits the missile flying to the ship with a very high degree of efficiency. We actually put an iron shield on the way of the anti-ship missile. Maximum firing range of the gun is 4 kilometers,” – said Slobodchikov, Ph.D., member of the Tsiolkovsky Russian Academy of Cosmonautics.

The “Palma” was designed as a defense complex of near turn from the anti-ship missiles of “Harpoon”, “Tomahawk” type, etc.


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