Rogozin: Western tanks 15-20 Years Behind Armata


Russian deputy prime minister Dmitry Rogozin on Sunday said that foreign countries in a race to build advanced battle tanks challenging Moscow’s new Armata tank lag behind by at least 15-20 years and can never catch up with them.

Rogozin said in a reference to media reports about Germany and France preparing to jointly develop new main battle tanks to replace Leopard 2 tanks by 2030.

“Their plans are of course realistic, these are hi-tech countries with their own powerful engineering potential and traditions, but I think that the French and Germans, or Americans, or Israelis, who are also known for their tanks, will find it very hard,” Rogozin was quoted as saying to Russian NTV channel by Sputnik.

“Even if they make something similar to what we have made, we will make something else by that time,” Rogozin said.


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