Northern Fleet’s forces began the demonstrative exercise for students


Today, the NF’s all-arms forces went into the Barents Sea to participate in the demonstrative exercise, which is occurring in the framework of practical studies with general and officer students of the Military Academy of the General Staff of the Russian Federation’s Armed Forces.

At the stage of deployment of the NF ship squadron, which includes destroyer ‘Admiral Ushakov’, small missile ship ‘Rassvet’ and rescue vessel ‘Georgy Titov’, the ship minesweeper group of coastal minesweepers ‘Yadrin’ and ‘Solovetsky Yunga’ will support the squadron’s departure from stationing sites to the sea and its countermine screen.

The second episode of practical actions envisages search and imaginary destruction of submarine by a ship search-and-strike group together with ASW aircraft. The ship search-and-strike group consisting of small ASW ships ‘Yunga’ and ‘Brest’, in cooperation with the crews of ASW aircraft IL-38 and diesel-electric submarine ‘Kaluga’ will work out search and destruction of an imaginary enemy submarine with ASW weapons.

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