Russian and Chinese forces to drill airborne amphibious landing in Primorye Territory


Russian and Chinese troops will practise airborne and amphibious landing in the Primorye Territory in the Far East that will host the second stage of the joint military drills dubbed Joint Sea 2015, Pacific Fleet’s spokesman Captain 1st Rank Roman Martov said on Wednesday.

“As part of the upcoming joint Russian-Chinese naval drills, Joint Sea 2015 [II] at the firing range at Cape Klerk the airborne and amphibious landing will be practised,” Martov said.

Russian and Chinese officers have completed reconnoitering the area at the Knevichi aerodrome, in the Primorye Territory, and also studied the places for landing marine infantry at the firing range of the Pacific Fleet near Cape Klerk, spokesman for Russia’s Eastern Military District, Colonel Alexander Gordeyev said on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, the group will sum up the results of this work and study the nuances of joint drills. A date for the final conference of the Russian-Chinese maneuvers is expected to be defined following the meeting.


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