Kuzyuk: India got interested in “Shtil-1” ship air defense missile system

армия 1

India expressed its interest in the acquisition of the new “Shtil-1” ship air defense missile systems installed on Project 11356 frigates, CEO of the “Technodinamika” holding Maxim Kuzyuk told RIA Novosti.

“Now everyone is waiting for the state tests of the first “Admiralskaya Series” ship (Project 11356) to be completed. After that the new air defense system will be adopted by the Russian Navy, and then it will be possible to export it. Even today, India has expressed interest in the acquisition the new “Shtil” – it’s about delivering of modernized old ships and construction of new ones”, – he said.

Kuzyuk reminded that India has already received six ships of the class similar to 11356, but they are equipped with an old version of “Shtil”, the launch from which is made every 12 seconds, while from “Shtil-1” – every 1.5-2 seconds.


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