Vietnam can get four missile boats Molniya


Vietnam can get four missile boats of the project 12418 “Molniya” in addition to the six already built. In an interview with FlotProm the First Deputy Director General of “Vympel” Victor Doskin, adding that a series of ten ships is considered by the General Agreement.

Two more fast-attack missile ships of the Molniya class built in Vietnam under a Russian technology transfer contract were handed over to the Vietnam People’s Navy (VPN) during a ceremony in Ho Chi Minh City on June 2, 2015. The Ba Son Shipbuilding Corporation, under the Ministry of Defense, transferred the warships to the High Command of the VPN at the Ba Son shipyard. After receiving the ships, coded HQ379 and HQ380, a representative of the High Command handed the keys of the vessels to Brigade 167 of Naval Zone 2. The warships are the third and fourth of the six Molniya-class vessels designed on the basis of a Russian version under a technology transfer agreement signed by Vietnam and Russia in 2009. Like the first two Molniya-class missile warships, which were made available last year, the two new vessels are equipped with advanced weapons and state-of-the-art functions.


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