Chinese military to use man-portable air defense systems at Army games in Russia


Team of People’s Liberation Army of China intends to float its man-portable air defense systems during the International Games in Russia, said on Friday the press service of the Southern Military District.

“Yesterday, in the Krasnodar region, more than 30 units of weapons and military equipment the People’s Liberation Army of China was delivered to the venue of the competition (Competition “Masters of antiaircraft battlefield-2015″) by rail as part of the military echelon,” the statement said.


Russia to supply Iran with modernized S-300


Russian presidential aide on military-technical cooperation Vladimir Kozhin said that Iran will receive advanced anti-aircraft missile systems S-300. Reported RIA Novosti .

According Kozhin since the conclusion of the contract between the two countries in 2007 the complex is obsolete so it was decided to modify specifically for Iranian customers.

In May 2015 reported that Iran will receive from the Russian missile and anti-aircraft complexes directly from the factory. It was also noted that the prices will be modified to reflect changes in exchange rates.

Army Games-2015 to boost military ties of foreign countries with Russia


Egypt strongly believes that its participation in the International Army Games-2015 in Russia will contribute to the strengthening of technical-military cooperation between the two countries, an Egyptian Embassy defense attache told Sputnik on Thursday.

“We have a deep belief that our participation in it [Army Games-2015] will improve our bilateral military cooperation with Russia,” Colonel Walid Hegazy Mohamed said.

The games are being organized by Russia’s Western Military District between August 1 and 15. According to the Defense Ministry, the competition will feature 13 contests.

Russian Airborne Troops interested in new sniper rifle Tochnost


Russia’s all-new sniper rifle, currently being tested by the Airborne troops, is set to enter service already next year, Russian media reported on Friday.

The rifle, appropriately called Tochnost (Precision), has already won praise from the Airborne Troops Commander, General Vladimir Shamanov.

“Our Special Operations brigades have already tested this rifle during various missions and described it as a highly efficient weapon,” Shamanov told Rossiiskaya Gazeta newspaper.

Shamanov added, however, that as good as it was, the Tochnost still had to be brought up to speed during additional trials.

Russia and Iraq signed agreement on military-technical cooperation

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Iraqi Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi and director of the Russian Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation Alexander Fomin signed an agreement on cooperation in the military-technical sphere on Thursday, the official website of the Defense Ministry of Iraq reported.

Iraq’s Defense Minister thanked Russia for supporting Iraq in all fields in his speech at the end of negotiations.

Director of the Russian FSMTC, in his turn, welcomed the struggle of the Iraqi people against terrorism. Fomin stressed that the Russian government will take all possible measures to help strengthen Iraq’s combat capability in countering terrorism.

MiG-31BMs used “air-to-air” missiles at teachings in Buryatia

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Crews of the MiG-31BMs used “air-to-air” missiles at the teachings in Buryatia hitting “imaginary enemy’s cruise missiles”, said assistant commander of the Central Military District, Colonel Jaroslav Rostchupkin.

The exercise involves 15 crews of the MiG-31BM and combat crews of the Novosibirsk air defense division. The A-50 aircraft directed fighters to missiles in the skies above “Telemba” ground at the teachings.

Share of latest weapons in some types of armed forces of Russia is more than 60%

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The share of modern and advanced weapons in some types of forces in Russia today is more than 60%, a senior official of the Russian Defense Ministry told reporters on Friday.

According to the state program of armaments by 2020, the share of modern and advanced weapons in types and troops of the Russian army in 2015 should be at least 30%, by 2020 – not less than 70%.

“The share of modern and advanced weapons and in some types of troops today amounts to 62%,” – said a spokesperson of the Ministry.

Defense Ministry: Russia controls Arctic waters in area covering 500 kilometers from coast

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Russia is already controlling air and sea space of the Arctic at a distance of at least 500 kilometers from the coast, a senior official of the Russian Defense Ministry told reporters on Friday.

Currently, the Defense Ministry is actively implementing the program on development of the Arctic, which stipulates creation of military infrastructure on the Arctic islands of Novaya Zemlya, Franz Josef Schmidt, the New Siberian Islands. The Northern Sea Route is located between these islands and mainland Russia, the route is the fastest way for ships to get from Europe to the Far East.

WMD drivers “to swim” in 12-ton combat vehicles

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Drivers of the Western Military District started trainings on passing water hazards in military vehicles, said head of the press service of the Western Military District, Colonel Oleg Kochetkov.

“Servicemen of the Western Military District motorized infantry connection stationed in the village of Kamenka, Leningrad region, started to perform one of the most difficult elements in the system of drivers’ combat training – driving afloat. Trainings will be held in the multi-purpose light-armored tractors (MT-LB) and BTR-80s”, – he said.

Defense Ministry: Special Forces officers from Egypt appreciate exercises in the Chelyabinsk region


An Egyptian military delegation has arrived in Yekaterinburg, a city in the Urals, to borrow the Russian experience in the struggle against illegal armed groups, Assistant Commander of the Central Military District Colonel Yaroslav Roschupkin said on Tuesday.

“The parties will exchange experience in organizing operational and combat training of the troops and discuss modern methods of struggle against illegal armed groups,” he said.

According to Roschupkin, on July 29, the Egyptian officers will watch the battalion tactical exercises at the Chebarkul range near Chelyabinsk, where the Russian military will practice the neutralization of hypothetical terrorist groups. The Egyptian delegation’s trip to the Central Military District will come to an end on August 1, the colonel said.