Russian Navy to get 18 new class corvettes


Russia’s first new class corvette of Project 22800 for the naval forces will be laid down by the end of the current year, and the Navy will get a total of 18 such ships, Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy Admiral Viktor Chirkov said on Wednesday.

“To keep the pace of ship construction, we’ll replace, for example, [Project] 11356 by building a new series of vessels – small missile ships, corvettes armed with cruise missiles – [Project] 22800. This work is being done today, and we hope that by the end of the year we’ll be able to lay down the first ship,” Chirkov said at the St. Petersburg International Maritime Defence Show (IMDS-2015).

“The ship’s design is to be completed by the end of the month,” Admiral Chirkov said, adding that the Almaz Central Marine Design Bureau is engaged in the project.


Russian export orders for naval equipment exceeds $5 Billion


Export orders for Russian ships and submarines have topped $5 billion, Rosoboronexport Deputy General Director Igor Sevastyanov said Wednesday.

Export orders for Russian ships and submarines have topped $5 billion, Rosoboronexport Deputy General Director Igor Sevastyanov said Wednesday.

“If you’re interested in other numbers, then I can say that as of today Rosoboronexport’s portfolio of orders on ships and submarines is over $5 billion,” Sevastyanov said.

Earlier, Rosoboronexport announced that its overall exports currently stand at approximately $40 billion.

Mongolian military inspected training ground “Tsugol” preparing for exercises with Russia


A military delegation of the Armed Forces of Mongolia visited the landfill “Tsugol” in the Trans-Baikal region for the first time in preparation for the Russian-Mongolian exercise “Selenga-2015”, the head of the press service of the Eastern Military District, Colonel Alexander Gordeyev said on Wednesday.
“Representatives of the Eastern Military District and the Armed Forces of Mongolia conducted reconnaissance (study) of the landfill “Tsugol” as part of the final planning conference for the preparation of a joint Russian-Mongolian military exercise “Selenga-2015”, – he said.
It is reported that the Mongolian officers are familiar with the exercise area, the stretch of water obstacles, the seat of the field camp, railway stations infrastructure loading (unloading) of weapons and military equipment.

Infrastructure for Borey-class nuclear subs in Kamchatka to be ready by October


The infrastructure to base Russia’s Borey-class strategic nuclear submarines on the far-eastern Kamchatka Peninsula will be ready by October of this year, Navy Adm. Viktor Chirkov said Wednesday.

“The system for basing the Borey-class strategic submarines in Kamchatka is moving along according to schedule and the work will be completed by October 1 of this year,” Chirkov said.

The infrastructure will include recreation facilities for submariners, medical facilities, warehouses and a crane for missile embarkation, which is expected to be launched by October 1, Chirkov added.

Russian servicemen in Abkhazia received latest air-conditioned armored vehicles

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Russian military base in Abkhazia received 25 BTR-82A armored vehicles, the press-service of the Southern Military District said on Wednesday.

“The BTR-82A is a deep modernization of the BTR-80 and BTR-80A armored vehicles that are on service of the Russian Army and surpasses its predecessors in almost all indicators. Instead of a machine-gun turret the combat vehicle has received a new module with the 2A72 30 mm automatic cannon, coupled with a 7.62-mm PKTM machine gun, “- a statement said.

“Kalashnikov” to present battle group of landing boats at “IMDS-2015”

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The “Kalashnikov” concern will for the first time present a single battle group of multipurpose amphibious boats equipped with drones at the VII International Maritime Defense Show (IMDS-2015) in St. Petersburg, the press service of the company said on Wednesday.

The seventh International Maritime Defense Show is held in St. Petersburg on July 1-5, 2015: more than 30 Russian warships, boats and support vessels are represented there.

The single battle group of boats, developed in cooperation with specialists from the Russian defense structures, includes the latest BK-16 transport and landing boat, BK-10 assault boat and new BK-9 fire support boat that has no Russian analogs, which is equipped with armor plates to provide increased protection of Airborne personnel.

“Vologda” UAV control complex to be checked on meeting Defense Ministry standards

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The “United Instrument Manufacturing Corporation”, part of the Rostec state corporation, brings to the stage of state tests a new set of group control over unmanned aerial vehicles “Vologda”, the press service of the corporation said on Wednesday.

“The “Vologda” complex was developed by our “Vega” group for air monitoring of any objects and areas in real time”, – said deputy general director of the corporation Sergei Skokov.

One of the main advantages of the complex is its mobility and versatility. It works with short-range drones, which do not require trained takeoff sites and can be run in virtually any environment. Short-range UAVs are widely used for the control of industrial plants, transportation systems, military intelligence.