Russia in talks to supply Armenia with Iskander-M missiles


Russia is poised to sign a contract with the Armenian military to provide Iskander-M short-range ballistic missiles, reported Tass, a Kremlin-owned Russian website, on Thursday. The supply of weapons, and long-range missiles in particular, to its former Soviet allies underlines Russia’s continued influence in Eastern Europe and showcases its growing military reach on the ever-fractured continent.
“The contract has not been signed, talks are underway,” a military source told Tass, while also mentioning that “all information on such contracts is secret.”
Since annexing Crimea in April 2014 and becoming involved in eastern Ukraine a month later, Russia has managed to drive a wedge between East and West, drawing on allegiances from former Soviet Republics such as Moldova, Armenia and Belarus. But the defense sales also give Russia breathing space as EU-led sanctions imposed for its indiscretions in Europe continue to drag its recession-hit economy down. The falling price of oil earlier this year also has hurt Moscow’s spending power.

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