Topographic Division of the Eastern Military District to get new mobile digital topographic system


The topographic units of the Eastern Military District stationed in the Republic of Buryatia will get new mobile digital topographic system in the near future. System modules are mounted on a truck chassis “Ural” and are equipped with modern high-tech equipment, the press service of the Eastern Military District informed.

New topographical systems allow storage, control and distribution to the consumer digital terrain information on CDs, quickly create and update GIS documents in digital and analog form.

In addition, the mobile digital topographic system can analyze and assess the area in respect of surveying, create digital orthophotos, topographic maps to print, create spatial terrain model, to display a 3D model on the screen of collective use.


Russia to launch space based missile warning system


Russia will have a space-based missile approach warning system up and running by 2020, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin announced on Wednesday.

“This task will be completed by 2020, including by bringing back our orbital fleet of missile warning satellites,” Rogozin told members of the Federation Council upper house of the Russian parliament.

“We also hope that once with the bill on establishing Roscosmos Corporation has been signed into law, we will take maximum three months to close down the Federal Space Agency and Roscosmos setting down to work this coming fall,” he added.

Space objects in the Crimea to be restored


The existing space infrastructure in the Crimea is in “poor” condition, it is planned to be restored, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said on Wednesday.
“Together with the leadership of the Russian Space Agency we have studied this question, moreover, visited the site. It is in a miserable condition. All that space infrastructure in the Crimea is not supported in any way,” said Dmitry Rogozin, when asked whether there were plans to use the space objects in Crimea.
“We have an understanding that it should be restored,” said Dmitry Rogozin, introducing the draft law on state corporation Roscosmos in the Federation Council.
He noted that in the Crimea, in particular, was a center of rehabilitation of astronauts, as well as Center for the Study of deep space, with unique competences, also in part of the asteroid-comet hazard analysis.

Division of electronic warfare of heavy motorized infantry connection of Central Military District to get multifunctional complex of electronic warfare of the new generation “Borisoglebsk-2”


Division of electronic warfare of heavy motorized infantry connection of the Central Military District deployed in the Orenburg region, will get multifunctional complex of electronic warfare of  new generation of “Borisoglebsk-2” at the end of July 2015, the press service of the Central Military District said on Wednesday.

“The complex consists of nine machines and is designed to suppress the operation of mobile satellite communications and navigation systems. It has an extended frequency range means of radio intelligence and jamming, increase the scanning speed of the frequency range, short response time for unknown frequencies, higher accuracy positioning radiation source, increased capacity means the suppression,” it is said in the statement.

General Director: “Sevmash” orders for construction of nuclear submarines to be enough for 10 years

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The Severodvinsk plant “Sevmash” will be provided with orders for the construction of nuclear-powered submarines (NPS) and repair of surface ships for the next 10 years, the company’s CEO Michael Budnichenko said on Wednesday.

He added that the “Yasen” and “Borei” project nuclear submarines, built at the “Sevmash”, will be the main component of the marine strategic nuclear forces in the XXI century and will largely affect the country’s defense capability and the ability to pursue its independent policy.

Earlier, Navy Commander Admiral Viktor Chirkov, during his working visit to Severodvinsk, awarded the enterprise with a Diploma of the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation for its merits in the state security and said that “Sevmash” must now prepare for the construction of the next (fifth) generation submarines.

Russian anti-aircraft gunners to get new generation homing missiles

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Russian anti-aircraft missile troops will soon begin to receive super-maneuverable and tenacious missile defense systems with the new generation ammunition, said spokesperson of the Defense Ministry press service, Colonel Igor Klimov.

“In the near future, the missile defense units will start to receive the S-350 “Vityaz” air defense systems in addition to the S-400s. They are characterized by high maneuverability and survivability, armed with the new missiles with seekers, surpassing the characteristics of the previous generation missile systems,” – said Klimov.

Earlier it was reported that the “Vityaz” system will soon go into service of the missile defense troops, but it wasn’t specified what ammunition anti-aircraft systems would be armed with.

WSJ: US allies’ troops powerless against Russian avionics

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The newest Russian electronic warfare systems, allowing to intercept the enemy’s signals and to create interference for them, pose a serious challenge to the US allies’ forces that are conducting exercises in Eastern Europe.

The developed technologies allow Russian troops not only to successfully identify the source of enemy’s radio signals, but also to better disguise their own radio communications, which allows to maintain the secrecy of the Armed Forces’ deployment, writes the newspaper.

According to the US Army spokespersons who were inspecting the exercises held in Lithuania, the protection of communications is the main difficulty. Lacking such protection, allies cannot name the data on their deployment and location of the command units.

KRET: Russian Air Force will no longer depend on Western imports by 2017

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The Russian Concern Radio-Electronic Technologies must complete import substitution of western parts for aviation in 2017, CEO of the Group Nikolai Kolesov told reporters on Wednesday.

A similar program concerning Ukrainian components for avionics and electronic warfare is to be completed in 2016.

“As far as the import substitution program on non-CIS countries is concerned, i.e. NATO and EU countries, we have protected it, the program is meant for 18 billion rubles. Basically, it is aimed at aviation, we have no questions on electronic warfare systems,” – said Kolesov.