Russian Maritime Doctrine – priority to Crimea and Arctic

армия 1

The renewed Russian Maritime Doctrine defines the paramount importance of the Black Sea Fleet infrastructure development in the Crimea at the same time noting the key role of the Russian Northern Fleet in providing security on the sea and ocean borders.

The changes made to the doctrine are explained by the political situation in the Black Sea region after the Crimea had joined Russia, as well as by concentration of the main combat and strategic grouping of the Navy in the Northern Fleet.

Russian President Vladimir Putin approved a new version of the doctrine on Sunday.

According to the updated text of the document, the policy of the Russian Federation in the Black Sea will be based on a rapid recovery and strengthening of strategic positions, as well as on maintenance of peace and stability in the region.

The Northern Fleet will be involved in ensuring the presence of the Navy in the Atlantic and Mediterranean, but the doctrine puts a number of unique and extremely important tasks in the Arctic in front of it as well.


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