MiG-31 can be operated even though 100 years


The fighter-interceptor MiG-31 can be used successfully even though 100 years, this unique aircraft, which has no analogues abroad, Deputy Assistant General Director of the Russian Aircraft Corporation “MiG” Hovhannes Mikoyan, son of the legendary Soviet designer Artem Mikoyan, said.

“Even though 100 years, it can defend our sky, because the plane is really unique. It is made of steel and titanium. Speed ​​- 3000 kilometers per hour,” Mikoyan told reporters Wednesday.

According to him, four MiG-31 can be used as a single interception, which is able to cover the front of 900 kilometers. “At the same time it finds a lot of goals – roughly 24, 12 of them can be simultaneously striked,” Mikoyan continued.


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