any others,” – said the Defense Minister. Around 9,000 servicemen started military exercises in southern Russia, including Crimea

армия 2

About nine thousand artillerists and more than three thousand units of missile and artillery weapons, military and special equipment will participate in the exercises at the Southern Military District grounds within the boundaries of the Southern, Crimean and North Caucasus Federal Districts, as well as in Abkhazia, South Ossetia and Armenia, the Southern Military District press service reports on Monday.

“During the month, the missile and artillery troops will improve their professional skills, conduct combat coordination of platoons, battalions and batteries, learn new forms and ways of performing fire missions supporting mechanized infantry and tank units in the complex environment of a modern combined arms combat. Particular attention will be paid to trainings in the areas of artillery fire control,” – said the report.

According to the ministry, the final phase will include trainings in artillery fire control with the use of the multiple launch missile systems “Grad-M”, “Uragan”, “Smerch” and others.


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