Corporation “Zaschita” to supply the Defense Ministry with armored vehicles party “Skorpion LSHA-2B”


Russian ground forces will adopt armored “Skorpion LSHA-2B”, CEO of “Zaschita” Sergei Starun said.
“The contract with the Ministry of Defense for supply of the troops with pilot batch of army armored vehicles “Skorpion LSHA-2B”, said Starun. He underlined that it is about dozens of cars.
Starun noted that in April of this year, a series of military armored “Skorpion” were taken on the supply of special purpose units of the Armed Forces.
“At the moment “Skorpion LSHA-1″ (LSHA – light assault vehicle) with an open top,”Skorpion LSHA-2” with a hard metal top, as well as an armored vehicle “Skorpion LSHA-2B” passed state tests,” recalled the official.


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