Promising “Obzor-R” Earth remote sensing satellite to be shown at MAKS

армия 1

The first Russian promising “Obzor-R” Earth remote sensing complex, scheduled to be launched in 2018, will receive a unique highly detailed locator, CEO of Samara-based Space Rocket Center “Progress” Alexander Kirilin told RIA Novosti.

A prototype of the “Obzor-R” promising spacecraft will be presented at the international aerospace show MAKS-2015 at a scale of 1:10.

According to technical characteristics, the term of active existence of the “Obzor-R” spacecraft will amount to 5 years. It is planned to be launched on the “Soyuz-2.1a” rocket.

The device will complete tasks of various ministries and departments of the Russian Federation: mapping, monitoring of natural and man-made emergencies, identifying potentially dangerous geological processes, mineral exploration, and many others. It will be able to conduct remote sensing of the Earth at the time when clouds or nighttime make it difficult or impossible optoelectronic devices to operate.

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