“Urengoy” and “Zelenodolsk” reflected “attack” of Su-24 and Ka-27


In the Baltic sea also hosts military exercises. Small antisubmarine ships (IPC) «Urengoy» and «Zelenodolsk» the exercise fulfilled tasks on the reflection of attack of aviation imaginary enemy, reports «Interfax» with reference to the press service of the Baltic fleet.

While out to sea crews «Urengoy» and «Zelenodolsk» in the marine ranges of the Baltic fleet successfully carried out a complex of measures to repel air attack of the enemy, the report said.

The role of the imaginary enemy was made by front-line bomber Su-24 and anti-submarine helicopters Ka-27 of Naval Aviation Fleet, simulating high-speed and low-flying air targets. As aerial targets used aerial bombs Sub-250. Shooting was conducted from naval systems AK-176 and AK-630, as a result, the simulated enemy aircraft was destroyed. At the final stage of the exercises seafarers have to work through the actions of «anti-sabotage defense to an unprotected RAID».


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