NI about Tu-95: it’s difficult not to notice the “Bear”, but it is dangerous to underestimate it

армия 4

Although Russia is already working on a next-generation jet bomber, the Tu-95 designed 59 years ago will demonstrate its power both as a military platform, and as a symbol of Russian power, writes The National Interest.

The huge strategic bomber Tu-95 at first glance may seem an anachronism in an age of “invisible” aircraft, but it is able to tear the enemy to pieces, the edition notes.

The Tu-95 replaced the first Soviet nuclear bomber Tu-4, created by analogy with the American B-29 that dropped the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The main requirements for the new model was a flight range not to be less than 9,000 km, and an ability to carry a 9-ton bomb.


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