PAK FA fighter aircraft to get family of guided munitions “Grom”


Corporation “Tactical Missiles” was first to present family of new aircraft guided munitions “Grom” at the International Aviation and Space Salon (MAKS-2015). These include guided cruise missile “Grom-A1” and winged gliding bomb “Grom-E2”. “These munitions are currently at the stage of testing,” General Director of “Tactical Missiles” Boris Obnosov said.
Both means of destruction have normal aerodynamic configuration and unified with a cylindrical ogive nose and swept wing folding, which allows them to be placed in the internal weapons bay of the aircraft carrier. The main difference between “Grom-A1” is a rocket engine in the rear, while at the “Grom-E2” instead of the motor is located more high-explosive warhead.


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