Teсmash: new ammunition load of extended range mines is being created in Russia

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A new set of 82-mm mortar shells with increased range and capacity is being developed in Russia, by the end of the year, the major part of state tests should be completed, First Deputy Director General of “Teсmash” concern (part of “Rostec”) Vladimir Tikhonov told RIA Novosti on Friday.

“Development of an ammunition load of 82 mm mines is at the final stage. New mines have an increased range, a sharply increased lethality. They are made with the use of new powder, new propellant bursting charge, all the fuses have been changed. I hope that this year we will complete most of state tests,” – said Tikhonov.

NGO “Basalt” (part of “Teсmash”) is working on these mines in cooperation with other enterprises of the concern.


Commander of Land Forces: production tests of “Armata” to be completed in 2016

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The new generation tank on the “Armata” platform is expected to complete production tests in 2016, Commander of Land Forces, Colonel General Oleg Salyukov told reporters on Friday.

“The “Armata” will undergo production tests, then the decision will be taken on military trials, and then it will be decided whether it will go on service. Production tests will be completed in 2016″, – he said.

In 2020, the Russian Land Forces plan to renew the fleet of armored vehicles by 70%, and the batch purchase of modern samples will begin in 2016.

New generation armor-piercing ammunition developed for Russian Navy

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Russia’s largest designer and manufacturer of small-caliber ammunition for the Armed Forces, NPO “Pribor”, developed new 30-mm armor-piercing ammunition for the air defense systems of the Russian Navy ships, Chief Designer of “Pribor” Oleg Chizhevsky told RIA Novosti on Thursday.

According to him, the system of air and anti-missile defense of the nearest boundaries of most Navy ships is based on 30-mm six-barrel machine guns. These complexes will also be equipped with new generation ammunition with plastic pull units adopted about five years ago.

Application of cartridges with ammunition fitted with plastic pull units enhances performance of air systems by increasing barrel life and efficient use of ammo.

“Tehmash”: effectiveness of automatic cannons in Russian Armed Forces to increase three times

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The introduction of new production technologies at the facilities of NPO “Pribor” (part of the “Tehmash” group, “Rostec”) will help increase the “vitality” of automatic cannons and raise the speed of shells – it will improve combat effectiveness of the Armed Forces automatic artillery systems three times, CEO of “Tehmash” Sergey Rusakov told reporters on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, “Pribor” launched a new facility for the production of new generation weapons at its branch plant in Noginsk, Moscow region; modern equipment makes it possible to receive semi-products of three shell bodies per minute.

Production of new generation small-caliber ammunition started in Russia

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Russia’s largest designer and manufacturer of small-caliber ammunition for the Armed Forces, NPO “Pribor”, launched a new facility for the production of new generation weapons at its branch plant in Noginsk, Moscow region.

Modern equipment allows to receive semi-products of three shell bodies per minute, CEO of “Tehmash” (the parent organization of NPO “Pribor”) Sergey Rusakov told journalists on Wednesday.

“The automated production line of new generation ammunition has been fully developed and implemented in the Noginsk branch of the enterprise and has no analogues”, – said Rusakov during the opening ceremony.

Air Forces want to upgrade radar control system of Su-30SM

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“V.Tikhomirov Scientific Research Institute of Instrument Design” expects to receive a military technical requirement for the modernization of the “Bars-R” radar control system installed in the Su-30SM fighters from the Russian Air Forces, General Director of the enterprise Yuri Beliy said.

“The “Bars-R” radar control system of the Su-30SM aircraft is a further development of the “Bars” RCS of the Su-30MKI aircraft developed on the order of the Indian Air Forces. In accordance with the military technical requirement, issued by the Russian Air Forces, the system has been upgraded to get improved performance. The RCS modernization potential is not limited to that, in the near future we are waiting for the new military technical requirement from the Russian Air Forces concerning further development”, – said Beliy.

He noted that negotiations on modernization of the RCS “Bars” with India had been conducted for a long time.

“Tehmash” developing new generation decoy targets for Armed Forces

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Russia’s largest manufacturer of ammunition, “Tehmash” concern (part of “Rostec”) is developing new generation decoy targets for the advanced Russian military equipment, which are able to resist high-precision weapons, CEO of “Tehmash” Sergey Rusakov said in an interview with RIA Novosti.

According to him, the concern has already developed and implemented the following types of decoys for the protection of aircraft, helicopters, missiles and armored vehicles from high-precision weapons: heat; antiradar; anti-laser; combined; tools for protection against land mines.

“Usage of the existing formulas of pyrotechnic compounds, as well as development of new decoy schemes makes it possible to reacch a high degree of reliability in protection of military equipment from the existing models of high-precision weapons”, – said Rusakov.

Share of latest weapons in some types of armed forces of Russia is more than 60%

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The share of modern and advanced weapons in some types of forces in Russia today is more than 60%, a senior official of the Russian Defense Ministry told reporters on Friday.

According to the state program of armaments by 2020, the share of modern and advanced weapons in types and troops of the Russian army in 2015 should be at least 30%, by 2020 – not less than 70%.

“The share of modern and advanced weapons and in some types of troops today amounts to 62%,” – said a spokesperson of the Ministry.

“Platform-M” combat robot to be shown at Navy Day in Kamchatka

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The “Platform-M” combat robot will for the first time be presented at the military-sports festival on the Kamchatka Peninsula in honor of the Russian Navy Day.

The robot will carry out fire support in neutralization of saboteurs during the anti-terrorism exercises, head of the press service of the Pacific Fleet, Captain 1st Rank Roman Martov told journalists on Friday.

He added that the combat robot will give fire support to a special unit fighting with an imaginary enemy.

United Instrument Manufacturing Corporation to create fully Russian communication complex for aviation

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The “United Instrument Manufacturing Corporation” started development of a communication system for an advanced long-range aviation complex made of Russian components, the company reports.

New equipment is designed to ensure a stable connection of the aircraft at all ranges of application, in the most extreme conditions, including in conditions of the enemy’s electronic countermeasures.

It is noted that modes of cognitive radio and covert communications are for the first time implemented in the on-board system. The equipment will be able to test itself on its own and adjust operating parameters, providing stealth of data communication for foreign means of detection.