Russia’s prospective high-speed helicopter to go into production in 2022


Russia’s prospective high-speed helicopter that is currently being developed in the interests of the Defence Ministry will go into production in 2022 and will be able to make up to 500 kilometres per hour, Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Aerospace Forces Colonel General Viktor Bondarev told reporters on Tuesday.

“This work is in full swing, and in 2018 the helicopter’s one-off prototype is to perform a flight. The work completion is planned for 2021, and in 2022 – a series of these helicopters will be produced. They will be able to develop a speed of up to 500 kilometres per hour,” Bondarev said.


Bombers to apply bombs during show at RAE

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Crews of the Su-24M tactical bombers and Mi-8AMTSh “Terminator” combat transport helicopters will perform at the X International exhibition of arms, military equipment and ammunition named Russia Arms Expo-2015 set to be held in Nizhny Tagil.

“Pilots will apply bombs and unguided rockets against ground targets simulating a column of tanks. Demonstration flights with combat use are scheduled to be held daily from 9 to 12 September at the Staratel site,” – the press service of the Central Military District reported.

Aircraft from airports located in the Chelyabinsk and Sverdlovsk regions will participate in demonstration flights.

Russian helicopter pilots conducted exercises in the Arctic

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Army Aviation helicopters conducted exercises for search and destruction of saboteurs in the Arctic, said CMD spokesperson, Colonel Jaroslav Rostchupkin.

“Helicopters of the Central Military District Army Aviation during the exercise for the search and destruction of subversive groups of the conditional enemy worked out a missile strike and landing of tactical airborne assault on the Taimyr Peninsula”, – he said.

Developer: newest IL-112V transport aircraft to be Russian

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The newest light military transport aircraft Il-112V will be made entirely of Russian units; at the moment, the problem of substitution of the three remaining Ukrainian units is being solved, said Chief Designer of “Ilyushin Aviation Complex” (JSC “IL”) Nikolai Talikov on Friday.

“The task of import substitution in this IL-112V aircraft has been set. It has three Ukrainian units left; the issue of their substitution is being solved. The aircraft will be completely, one hundred percent Russian,” – said Talikov at a round table held during the MAKS.

He also said that the Il-112B trials for military tasks will be held in 2019.

Commander of Aerospace Forces: Yak-130 of armed forces to receive laser rangefinders

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Russia’s Defense Ministry is interested in the improvement and further modernization of the Yak-130 combat training aircraft, in particular, in their equipment with laser rangefinders, Chief of the Airospace Forces, Colonel-General Viktor Bondarev told reporters on Saturday.

“Devices for generation of smoke are meant for our aerobatic team “Wings of Tauris” and laser rangefinders are to be used for the aircraft, as it is prescribed by tactical and technical requirements, to be able to apply all kinds of guided weapons. And it has everything to do that – all possibilities and a  huge modernization potential, so we are considering the matter and will install them,” – said the general.

Russian Navy aviation to receive 30 aircraft by year’s end

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Russian naval aviation will receive 25 new and 5 upgraded aircraft by the end of the year, Defense Minister, Army General Sergei Shoigu said on Monday.

Shoigu pointed out that the Russian naval aviation is on duty in all parts of the world ocean, takes an active part in the fight against piracy, as well as in search and rescue operations.

“Anti-submarine aircraft make regular flights to the sea and ocean areas, ensuring the security of Russia in the underwater environment,” – the Minister said.

“Tupolev”: appearance of renewable Tu-160M2 to be determined by year’s end

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The appearance of a new modification of the Tu-160 strategic bomber missile carrier is to be determined by the end of 2015, CEO of “Tupolev” Nikolai Savitskikh told reporters at the Aerospace Show.

Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu announced the upcoming resumption of production of the Tu-160 this spring. According to the Defense Ministry, the Tu-160 is a completely new aircraft with new “stuffing”.

“Now we have prepared our proposals, they are now defined, we are working on engineering and will present final variant by the end of the year,” – said Savitskikh at the MAKS-2015.

Iran is in talks with Russia on purchase of different military aircraft

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Iran is in “active” talks with Russia on signing a contract for the purchase of at least two types of military aircraft, said Iranian Vice President Sorena Sattari.

Answering the question concerning the purchase of the Russian Superjet 100 aircraft, the Vice President noted that it attracts the attention of Tehran, and “if Russia offers us (Iran) good financial conditions, many of our airlines will be ready to take them.”

In addition, he said, one of the Iranian airlines had already tested the Superjet 100 and “the results were positive”.

Irkut Corporation for the first time demonstrates Yak-130 equipped with laser ranger at the MAKS-2015 airshow


Irkut Corporation (UAC member) on MAKS-2015 static display represents for the first time Yak-130 combat trainer with a laser rangefinder designed for visual recognition ground and surface targets, and measuring the slant range to them.

Yak-130 (tail number 01) was improved by the Yakovlev design bureau, a part of Irkut Corporation, in order to increase combat efficiency of the aircraft to be used as trainer and light combat aircraft as well.

The laser range finder allows for Yak-130 combat use in difficult terrain (mountains, gorges), improves accuracy of determining operational objectives coordinates and application of existing aircraft weapons nomenclature.

Yak-130 can carry guided and unguided weapons, which allows using the aircraft for training and combat mission. Combat payload at 9 hard points up to 3,000 kg. Open avionics architecture allows integration of various available and perspective Russian and foreign made weaponry.

Bangladesh to Purchase 7 Combat-Transport Helicopters from Russia


In April of this year, Russia and Bangladesh signed a contract for the purchase of six Russian-made Mil Mi-171Sh combat-transport helicopters as well as one Mi-171E medium-lift transport aircraft, according to Ivan Goncharenko, First Deputy CEO of Rosoboronexport .

“A contract was signed in April 2015 on the delivery of six Mi-171Sh military and transport helicopters, and also one Mi-171E transport helicopter in its Salon option,” he told TASS this Monday in Moscow.  Earlier reports spoke of only five M0-171Sh helicopters.  In June 2015, Rosoboronexport – the major Russian specialized agency responsible for arms export – also stated that delivery of the first aircraft has already started (production of the helicopters has already begun in February of this year).