Russian helicopter pilots conducted exercises in the Arctic

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Army Aviation helicopters conducted exercises for search and destruction of saboteurs in the Arctic, said CMD spokesperson, Colonel Jaroslav Rostchupkin.

“Helicopters of the Central Military District Army Aviation during the exercise for the search and destruction of subversive groups of the conditional enemy worked out a missile strike and landing of tactical airborne assault on the Taimyr Peninsula”, – he said.


Russia holds first Northern Fleet exercises in Arctic

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Russia has started the first Northern Fleet exercises on the defense of an important industrial facility in the Arctic, says head of the Northern Fleet press service, Captain 1st Rank Vadim Serga.

“Today, an interspecies tactical exercise of forces and troops of the Northern Fleet has started in the Arctic. The teaching is held on the Taimyr Peninsula near the city of Norilsk,” – said Serga.

During the exercises, it is planned to work out the organization of interaction of various forces and troops and to check the readiness of personnel and equipment to operate in the Arctic zone in unfamiliar terrain, Serga pointed out.

Arctic brigade of the Northern Fleet received first batch of ATVs


The first batch of seven army ATV AM-1 entered into service at Arctic Motorized Brigade of the Northern Fleet. After receiving the new technology experts of the compounds produced its assembly and run-in, the press service of the Northern Fleet said.

The contract servicemen, who have considerable experience of operating motor vehicles and driver’s license appropriate category, will manage army ATV.

Such mobile appliances with high cross are intended for conducting reconnaissance and patrol operations, offshore and search and rescue operations in different environments, including the Arctic ones. Last year, two ATVs were tested in the polar latitudes on the island and peninsula Boiler fishing.

Defense Ministry: Russia controls Arctic waters in area covering 500 kilometers from coast

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Russia is already controlling air and sea space of the Arctic at a distance of at least 500 kilometers from the coast, a senior official of the Russian Defense Ministry told reporters on Friday.

Currently, the Defense Ministry is actively implementing the program on development of the Arctic, which stipulates creation of military infrastructure on the Arctic islands of Novaya Zemlya, Franz Josef Schmidt, the New Siberian Islands. The Northern Sea Route is located between these islands and mainland Russia, the route is the fastest way for ships to get from Europe to the Far East.

Shoigu called Arctic region to be one of priorities for Russian army

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One of the priorities for the Russian Armed Forces in the near future will be to create infrastructure in the Arctic area, head of the Defense Ministry, Army General Sergei Shoigu said on Friday.

According to Shoigu, the available resources will be concentrated on such main directions of development of the Armed Forces, as creation of military infrastructure in the Arctic, improvement of the airfield network, introduction of advanced technologies related to logistics of troops.

“The implementation (of federal target) programs makes it possible to successfully solve systemic problems of disposing of weapons and military equipment, creation of the Black Sea Fleet deployment infrastructure, increasing effectiveness of the control over the Russian air space”, – said Shoigu.

Construction of military camps completed at Cape Schmidt and Wrangel Island


During the summer sea navigation more than three thousand tons of cargo and construction materials will be delivered to Cape Schmidt and Wrangel Island to complete the resettlement of military camps and facilities of the Defense Ministry, the headquarters of the Eastern Military District informed.
“On Cape Otto Schmidt, in particular, it is planned to complete the technical equipment of items for combat duty soldiers, complete restoration of the airport,” the press service of the Eastern Military District said.
The delivery of goods by sea vessels is scheduled by “Northern Shipping Company” and Far Eastern Shipping Company” in the framework of public contracts.
Earlier it was reported that at Cape Otto Schmidt and Wrangel Island divisions of the Eastern Military District stepped up combat duty for the protection of the air borders of Russia on October 1, 2014 .

Russian Air Force: Russia to upgrade “Pantsir” air defense system for work in Arctic

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A special arctic version of the “Pantsir-S” air defense missile-gun system will be created to be used by the Russian Armed Forces in the Arctic, chief of the anti-aircraft missile troops, Major-General Sergey Babakov said on Saturday.

“We are planning to implement serious improvements in the machine (“Pantsir”) in order it to be used in the Arctic zone. After these modifications all Arctic deliveries of the “Pantsir-S” systems will be carried out in the Arctic version,” – said Babakov.

He noted that during the operation of “Pantsirs” in the Arctic “some problematic issues” were revealed.

New BMD-4M may be used for landing in the Arctic


The latest fighting vehicle BMD-4M, which will go into service of the Russian Airborne Troops, can be used for landing in the Arctic, Deputy Commander of the Airborne Troops, Lieutenant-General Alexey Ragozin said on Thursday.

“I think that our reliable machine (BMD-4M) will get its landing equipment, and in the future it will certainly be able to be used for landing in the area of ​​the central Arctic,” Rogozin said.
In May 2015, the commander of the Russian Airborne Troops Colonel-General Vladimir Shamanov said that public testing of BMD-4M has been completed. According to him, in 2015 the Airborne Troops will get more than 30 of these machines.

“Rantik” is tested in Arctic


Military doctors have successfully tested a variant of the Russian Arctic equipment “future soldier” – “Ratnik”. It is reported by the press service of the Defense Ministry with reference to Vyacheslav Ganapolskogo, the head of the research department of the Military Medical Academy named after Kirov.

One of the stages of the research is conducted in the unique complex “Tabai” which allows to simulate any climatic conditions of the globe: air temperature from minus 70 to plus 100 degrees Celsius, humidity of 20 to 80% and a height above sea level of up to 40 kilometers.

Arctic “Warrior” was investigated in two modes – in a state of relative rest (simulated on guard duty) and the implementation of medium gravity load (simulated forced march).

Russian servicemen in Chukotka to prepare drones for monitoring Arctic

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A team of specialists on drone maintenance and control arrived in Chukotka to prepare drones to monitor the situation in the Russian Arctic, said head of the department of information support of the EMD press service, Captain 1st Rank Roman Martov.

“UAVs will be used to monitor the coastal Pacific area, the mainland territory that is in ​​forces and troops’ responsibility area in the north-east, the polygons of fleet combat training. In the future, UAVs will be used to support ships and vessels, as well as to carry out the task of conducting objective control in the Russian Arctic, over environmental and ice situation in the near maritime zone, including in the area of ​​the North Sea Route”, – he said.