Paratroopers to test “Cornet” complex during exercises in Krasnodar region

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Russian paratroopers during the “Slavic brotherhood” exercise held near Novorossiysk will test the “Cornet”  antitank missile system before it enters the Airborne Forces, said spokesperson of the Russian Defense Ministry on the Airborne troops, Major Irina Kruglova.

“During the exercise, the anti-tank platoon will perform firings from the “Cornet” anti-tank missile system, which is not on duty of the airborne troops so far. At the request of the commander, when new armaments are received, we must use them on practice,” – Kruglova told reporters on Thursday.


Tecmash: new MLRS “Uragan-1M” enters service in Russia

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The new multiple launch rocket system (MLRS) “Uragan-1M” of a 220 mm caliber is entering service in Russia; its features are full automation and ability to use interchangeable packets of ammunition, First Deputy Director General of “Tecmash” concern (included in “Rostec”) Vladimir Tikhonov told RIA Novosti on Friday.

The system is being developed by the Tula-located enterprise NPO “Splav” (included in “Tehmash”).

“The MLRS “Uragan-1M” is entering service in Russia. State tests have been successfully completed. This is a modernization of well-established multiple rocket launchers “Uragan” of the previous generation. The main essence of modernization is the use of interchangeable packages, that is, the system will be bi-caliber, it will be able to use ammunition of a larger caliber”, – said Tikhonov.

Deputy Defense Minister: Russia and Belarus started development of new air defense system

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Russia and Belarus started to develop a joint air defense missile system, which will replace the existing mobile complex “Strela-10M” used by the armies of both countries, Deputy Defense Minister for Armaments – Chief of Armaments of the Armed Forces of Belarus, Major General Igor Lotenkov said in an interview with RIA Novosti.

He noted that “Strela-10M” complex developed in early 1970s  “is already becoming obsolete, and the segment of short-range anti-aircraft missile systems is somewhat shrinking”.

“That is why it has been decided to develop such a tool, which could accompany armored, mechanized infantry units on the battlefield,” – said Lotenkov.

Missile tests from “Iskander” complexes to be carried out during maneuvers in southern Russia


The units of operational-tactical missile systems “Iskander-M” will fulfill combat missile launches at the imaginary enemy’s infrastructure during exercises in the Astrakhan region, the Defense Ministry informs.

“As part of the planned tactical exercise, the “Iskander-M” units started a march in a combined way to the Kapustin Yar range in the Astrakhan region. The maneuvers will result in combat launches of missiles at various ground targets and infrastructure of the imaginary enemy”, – the Southern Military District press-service said.

The length of the march to the landfill will amount to almost 800 kilometers.

Source: Russia to supply Iran with S-300 complexes this year

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Russia will supply Iran with the S-300 complexes this year, the number of systems is specified in the previously signed contract, a top official in the Russian Foreign Ministry told RIA Novosti.

As a source in the Defense Ministry of Iran reported previously to the Sputnik agency, Tehran could receive from Russia four divisions of the modernized S-300s instead of three, as it was specified in the old contract.

In 2007, Russia and Iran signed a contract for the supply of the S-300 systems. After the UN Security Council adopted the resolution 1929, which provided for imposition of sanctions against Iran, execution of the contract was suspended. In response, Iran submitted a claim against the Russian Federation to the international arbitration court. The parties are negotiating on withdrawal of this lawsuit.

any others,” – said the Defense Minister. Around 9,000 servicemen started military exercises in southern Russia, including Crimea

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About nine thousand artillerists and more than three thousand units of missile and artillery weapons, military and special equipment will participate in the exercises at the Southern Military District grounds within the boundaries of the Southern, Crimean and North Caucasus Federal Districts, as well as in Abkhazia, South Ossetia and Armenia, the Southern Military District press service reports on Monday.

“During the month, the missile and artillery troops will improve their professional skills, conduct combat coordination of platoons, battalions and batteries, learn new forms and ways of performing fire missions supporting mechanized infantry and tank units in the complex environment of a modern combined arms combat. Particular attention will be paid to trainings in the areas of artillery fire control,” – said the report.

According to the ministry, the final phase will include trainings in artillery fire control with the use of the multiple launch missile systems “Grad-M”, “Uragan”, “Smerch” and others.

S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems to go on combat duty in Kamchatka in near future

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In the near future, the combat anti-aircraft missile regiment will go on air defense combat duty in Kamchatka in the north-east of Russia, head of the information support department of the EMD press service, Captain 1st rank Roman Martov told RIA Novosti.

According to him, now the equipment and armaments are deployed at positions of anti-aircraft missile battalions near the cities of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Yelizovo and Vilyuchinsk. Industry representatives together with experts have already completed setting the basic elements of a new anti-aircraft missile system.

“After carrying out routine maintenance, combat crews of the units and the S-400 command post will go on combat duty to protect air borders of the north-east of Russia”, – said the official.

“Topol” is able to reliably overcome the US missile defense


Intercontinental ballistic missile RT-2PM complex “Topol”, which is already 30 years on combat duty in the Strategic Missile Forces, have the capacity to overcome the existing missile defense systems.
This was said by ex-Chief of Staff Strategic Rocket Forces Colonel-General Viktor Yesin. “Missiles RT-2PM will be able to safely overcome the US missile defense systems as part of a massive nuclear strike until they are removed from service, and this, according to the plans will take place in 2021,” the expert said, answering the question whether monoblock missile complex “Topol” can successfully overcome missile defense systems.

Irkutsk missile crews to perform conditional launch from “Topols”

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During a sudden inspection, the Strategic Missile Troops units in Irkutsk will repel the conditional enemy’s attack and perform a conditional missile launch, the CMD press service reported.

During the check, deputy commander of the Strategic Missile Forces, Lieutenant-General Valery Mazur studied the state of the control over the unit, two missile regiments armed with the “Topol” mobile missile systems.

The rocketeers will carry out practical trainings with the rise on the alarm, output of missile regiments and divisions to represent the unit in the field position.

Source: it is still not defined when Russian Federation will deliver S-300s to Iran

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The agreement on Tehran’s nuclear program reached between Iran and the “six” international mediators can open access to more sophisticated air defense systems than the S-300s, a source in the Defense Ministry of Iran told the Sputnik agency.

“The agreement on the nuclear program could let Iran get more modernized systems than the S-300,” – said the official refusing to comment on withdrawal of the claim, which the Iranian side sent to the International Court of Arbitration after Moscow froze the contract on the supply of these air defense systems to Iran.

The interlocutor of the agency also said that the agreement reached in Vienna on Iran’s nuclear program and its points on the import of weapons will not affect the transfer of S-300 systems to Iran, despite the fact that the date of the supply of these systems had not yet been determined.