Russian Armed Forces received EW complexes worth billion rubles at MAKS

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Russia’s largest holding company in the electronic industry “Concern Radio-Electronic technologies” (KRET, part of Rostec) handed over electronic warfare systems worth more than 1 billion rubles to the Armed Forces under state procurement at MAKS-2015, the press service of KRET reported.

The troops received the “Rychag-AV”, “Krasuha-2”, “Krasuha-4”, “Rtut-BM” electronic warfare systems. These complexes, as the concern says, “are able to defend military and civilian objects from precision destruction means, promptly receive intelligence information on the evolving situation and mislead the enemy by influence on its information communications, went to places of service directly from the Gromov exposure”.


Commander of Aerospace Forces: Yak-130 of armed forces to receive laser rangefinders

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Russia’s Defense Ministry is interested in the improvement and further modernization of the Yak-130 combat training aircraft, in particular, in their equipment with laser rangefinders, Chief of the Airospace Forces, Colonel-General Viktor Bondarev told reporters on Saturday.

“Devices for generation of smoke are meant for our aerobatic team “Wings of Tauris” and laser rangefinders are to be used for the aircraft, as it is prescribed by tactical and technical requirements, to be able to apply all kinds of guided weapons. And it has everything to do that – all possibilities and a  huge modernization potential, so we are considering the matter and will install them,” – said the general.

Batch production of star sensors in Russia to start in 2016

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A resident of the “Skolkovo” fund space technology cluster – “Azmerit” – plans to begin batch production of compact star sensors in the first half of 2016, CEO of “Azmerit” Marat Abubekerov told RIA Novosti at the International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2015.

“In June 2015, a prototype of a compact star sensor for spacecraft was created. The prototype is currently undergoing ground tests. Mass production is scheduled to begin in the first half of 2016”, – he said.

Abubekerov reminded that in Russia, unlike many Western countries, development and production of compact star sensors weighing 100-200 grams and having dimensions of 5-10 centimeters that can be installed at the nano- and micro-satellites, do not virtually exist.

Russia is testing system to combat aerospace attack means

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This year, “Concern Radio-Electronic Technologies” (KRET, part of Rostec) plans to launch state tests of a fundamentally new multilevel system of electronic warfare designed to counter the systems and means of aerospace attack, Adviser to the First Deputy General Director of KRET, Vladimir Mikheev told RIA Novosti.

“This year, KRET plans to start, and the following year to finish state tests of a fundamentally new system of electronic warfare, intended for jamming the most modern tools and systems of aerospace attack. There will be created a whole family of multifunction systems and systems of intelligence, electronic warfare, and control, which will provide fundamentally new features to combat air and space reconnaissance, targeting, use of precision weapons, navigation,” – said Mikheev.

Promising “Obzor-R” Earth remote sensing satellite to be shown at MAKS

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The first Russian promising “Obzor-R” Earth remote sensing complex, scheduled to be launched in 2018, will receive a unique highly detailed locator, CEO of Samara-based Space Rocket Center “Progress” Alexander Kirilin told RIA Novosti.

A prototype of the “Obzor-R” promising spacecraft will be presented at the international aerospace show MAKS-2015 at a scale of 1:10.

According to technical characteristics, the term of active existence of the “Obzor-R” spacecraft will amount to 5 years. It is planned to be launched on the “Soyuz-2.1a” rocket.

The device will complete tasks of various ministries and departments of the Russian Federation: mapping, monitoring of natural and man-made emergencies, identifying potentially dangerous geological processes, mineral exploration, and many others. It will be able to conduct remote sensing of the Earth at the time when clouds or nighttime make it difficult or impossible optoelectronic devices to operate.

New system for radio telegraphists of Russian Armed Forces to appear in 2016

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The main supplier of communication systems for the Russian army, the “United Instrument Manufacturing Corporation”, will create new generation workstations for military radio telegraphists by the end of 2016, a representative of the corporation told RIA Novosti.

“The upgraded system will be based on the modernized “Morse” code sensor, modern digital technologies will for the first time be used in the work of telegraphists. The new wireless operator workstation, designed for the audio telegraphic exchange of information in a shortwave range, will surpass the existing domestic counterparts in terms of its features and technical characteristics. The works on upgrading the telegraphist operator workstation will be completed at the end of 2016,”- said the representative of the UIMC.

Supplier of communication systems for Armed Forces got rid of Ukrainian components

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“The United Instrument Manufacturing Corporation”, the main supplier of communication systems for the Russian army, got rid of Ukrainian components in the production of military equipment, RIA Novosti quoted “Rostec” corporation spokesperson as saying.

About 30 items of Ukrainian electronic component base were replaced as part of import substitution (including capacitors, connectors, relays, integrated circuits, semiconductors, etc.). By 2020, according to the source, there will be about 90% domestic components in the Russian equipment after a phased replacement of the supplied components from other countries.

Topographic Division of the Eastern Military District to get new mobile digital topographic system


The topographic units of the Eastern Military District stationed in the Republic of Buryatia will get new mobile digital topographic system in the near future. System modules are mounted on a truck chassis “Ural” and are equipped with modern high-tech equipment, the press service of the Eastern Military District informed.

New topographical systems allow storage, control and distribution to the consumer digital terrain information on CDs, quickly create and update GIS documents in digital and analog form.

In addition, the mobile digital topographic system can analyze and assess the area in respect of surveying, create digital orthophotos, topographic maps to print, create spatial terrain model, to display a 3D model on the screen of collective use.

Asia interested in latest Russian unmanned helicopter

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Indonesia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and other Asian countries are interested in the newest Russian mBPV-37 unmanned helicopters, which, depending on the payload, can be used to perform a variety of tasks, leading expert on information support of projects of the enterprise “NPP “Radar MMS” Natalia Alliluyeva told RIA Novosti on Thursday.

The agency’s interlocutor explained Asian interest in the Russian development by the fact that Europe has for a long time been using unmanned vehicles produced in the United States, Israel, France. At the same time, the Russian units are not so expensive, she said.

COSPAS-SARSAT rescue systems presented at “Army 2015” forum

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The COSPAS-SARSAT rescue systems and developments based on the GLONASS satellite components were presented at the “Army 2015” exhibition, said a report of the “Russian Space Systems”.

The equipment based on the COSPAS-SARSAT system technologies and presented at the exhibition determines the coordinates of the accident site, generates a distress signal in accordance with the requirements of the system and sends an alarm signal. Radio means of an emergency tethered beacon, created by the branch of the “ORKK” – “NII KP”, are used to alert emergency response services about an emergency on board ships of the submarine fleet.