International Competition “Airborn platoon” kicked off in Ryazan region

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The International Competition in field training “Airborn platoon” held between Russian, Belarusian and Chinese paratroopers kicked off on Tuesday at the site of Dubrovichi in the Ryazan region, said spokesman of the Russian Airborne Troops, Colonel Evgeniy Meshkov.

“The main stages of paratroopers’ international competitions held as part of the “International Army Games 2015″ will take place on Augus 4-12,” – Meshkov said.

According to him, landing of troops from the Mi-8 helicopters from the height of 600 meters was held on the opening day of the competition. In addition, during the competition paratroopers held a march with overcoming natural and artificial obstacles, shooting from different types of small arms and races in combat vehicles.


Russian Airborne Troops interested in new sniper rifle Tochnost


Russia’s all-new sniper rifle, currently being tested by the Airborne troops, is set to enter service already next year, Russian media reported on Friday.

The rifle, appropriately called Tochnost (Precision), has already won praise from the Airborne Troops Commander, General Vladimir Shamanov.

“Our Special Operations brigades have already tested this rifle during various missions and described it as a highly efficient weapon,” Shamanov told Rossiiskaya Gazeta newspaper.

Shamanov added, however, that as good as it was, the Tochnost still had to be brought up to speed during additional trials.

Su-27 fighters to provide “clear sky” at “Race of Heroes”

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Four Su-27 fighters and two Mi-24 helicopters will provide fire support for landing of troops at the opening of the “Race of Heroes” competition which start begin at the Pesochnensky range in the Leningrad region on May 16, the press service of the Western military district told reporters on Thursday.

“During training session the multipurpose Su-27 fighters will provide “clear sky” over the landing area, and the Mi-24 helicopters will provide fire support to the units of the Airborne Forces,” – a release said.

Servicemen will work out tasks to capture strategic facilities of the imaginary enemy, and means to eliminate “illegal armed formations”. Landing will be performed from the Mi-8 helicopters.

USA asking Viet Nam not to refuel Russian military aircraft


Reuters inform that while the USA asked Viet Nam not to refuel Russian military aircrafts, the Vietnamese military refused this application.

Viet Nam, one of the Russian strategic partners, underlines that it preserves the right to make decisions in its policies. This US application was named a try to influence Vietnamese policies.

Russian and Vietnamese partnership relations are under development. The Vietnamese party emphasize that the refueled Russian planes are not military ones. At the same time the representative of the American State department expresses the US fears that this Vietnamese decision might increase the level of uneasiness in the region.

However, Psaki said she had no proves to the opinion that Russian planes in the region could worsen the situation.

Psaki also accused Russia of providing military vehicles to the Ukrainian territory.

Russian paratroopers to hold exercises with colleagues from 20 countries in 2015

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The Airborne Troops of Russia plan to hold a series of large-scale exercises with colleagues from 20 countries in 2015, said on Monday representative of the press and information service of the Defense Ministry on Airborne Troops, Lieutenant Colonel Evgeniy Meshkov.

“In 2015, the Airborne Troops plan to hold a series of exercises of various scales, including two brigade tactical, two regimental tactical and two battalion command and staff exercises in the field with practical landing. During the year, the Airborne Troops will hold meetings, exchange of experience and trainings by interacting with the armed forces of about 20 world countries,” – he said.

Meshkov noted that international exercises involving the Russian Airborne Troops will be held in cooperation with the departments of the CIS, European, North African, South American and Southeast Asian countries.

Battalion of specialists in high-altitude jumps to appear in Russian Airborne Troops

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By the end of 2015 the Russian airborne troops are going to create a whole battalion of paratroopers trained for jumping with oxygen equipment from the heights of 4 to 8 kilometers, spokesperson of the Airborne Troops lieutenant colonel Evgeniy Meshkov told journalists on Wednesday.

“By the end of 2015, the Airborne Troops plan to prepare about 300 specialists in high-altitude airborne training. In contrast to 2014, next year’s high-altitude training will be held not only in accordance with the full course of training programs, but with programs for trainers, “- said the lieutenant colonel.

Thus, by the end of 2015 the Airborne Troops Battalion will have at its disposal not only specialists in high altitude jumping, but the whole unit of instructors in high-altitude airborne training.

Paratroopers to apply ultralight trike and battle quads at drills in Serbia

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Russia’s Airborne Troops Tactical Force arrived in Serbia to participate in the joint Russian-Serbian tactical antiterrorism exercises SREM-2014, reports the press and information service of the Defense Ministry.

“Over 100 servicemen of the Tula airborne force, 10 armored vehicles, a command post vehicle, 15 combat quads, SBR-5 close reconnaissance stations, unmanned aerial systems, one trike and other special weapons will be part of the Airborne Troops Tactical Force,” – said the Defense Ministry.

“During the exercise set to be held at the “Nikintsi” range Russian paratroopers and Serbian special forces, supported by the Serbian ground force units will work out joint actions to seize and destroy the base of the simulated illegal armed formations and release the hostages,” – the press release points out.

Russian paratroopers won World Military Parachuting Championship


Delegation of Russian paratroopers won the 38th World Military Parachuting Championship, which took place in the Indonesian city of Solo. This was announced today by the spokesman of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation Colonel Yevgeny Meshkov.

The parachuting competition was divided into 7 skill sets with awards being handed out to both male and female competitors. These skills involved both individual and team accuracy, formation skydiving, overall individual performance and team performance, style, and Junior individual accuracy. Russia accounted for the highest number of metals at 10, and the United States returned home with one gold medal and one bronze medal.

Indonesia was chosen as venue for the 38th CISM World Military Parachuting Championship 2014. This international military sporting event was hosted by the Military Sport Committee of the Indonesian National Defense Force that forms part of the CISM or the International Military Sports Council’s agenda. The event ran from September 17th through the 28th.

Russian air assault units cover 4,000 nautical miles in military snap check in Far East


Air assault units of the Russia’s Airborne Forces have performed a long-distance advance aboard large amphibious ships to a designated area as part of combat readiness snap check in the Eastern Military District, the defence ministry said on Thursday.

According to the defence ministry, paratroopers covered a distance of 4,000 nautical miles. During the cruise, paratroopers drilled skills on landing on Kamchatka’s and Chukotka’s wild coasts and on the Island of Sakhalin and one of the Kuril Islands.

Jointly with marine infantry units and warship crews, paratroopers drilled ship damage control skills and performed tasks of defending warships at sea and at ports, the ministry said.

Russia’s Defense Ministry started a surprise combat readiness check in the Eastern Military District in the morning on September 11 at an order from Russian President and Supreme Commander-in-Chief Vladimir Putin. The drills that are to be over on September 18 focus on the tasks of troops’ regrouping for large-distance re-deployment.

Russian Eastern Military District troops ended redeployment


Russian troops have ended redeployment and urgent deployment of troops from the Eastern Military District, Airborne Troops and long-range aviation during surprise military exercises, the press service and information department of Russian Defence Ministry said.
“Military units and formations of 29th, 36th, 35th and 5th armies have redeployed and massed at firing rangers in Trans-Baikal, Kamchatka and Primorsky territories, Sakhalin and Chukotka regions on Tuesday. Troops have moved to operative areas and began performing combat tasks,” the ministry’s press service said.
Troops have been transferred by rail, sea and aircraft and have marched more than 4,000 kilometres.
Aviation of the Air Force and the Command of the Air Force and Air Defense Troops from the Eastern Military District have concentrated at operational airfields.
“Around 100 warplanes and helicopter gunships have been redeployed for a distance from 400 to 4,000 kilometres,” the ministry’s press service said.