Servicemen of Venezuela intend to build landfill based on Alabino model

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The armed forces of Venezuela intend to build a polygon with a  track and obstacles similar to the “Tank biathlon” track in Alabino, Moscow region, said head of the Main Combat Training Directorate of the Armed Forces of Venezuela, General Gonzalez Perez Jose Ines.

“We will try to prepare a good team for next year. We have an idea to build a landfill in Venezuela – the same as the one in Alabino. And not only for the “Tank biathlon”, but for all disciplines in which we are going to participate,” – the General said.


Russian team leading after first race of “Tank biathlon”

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The Russian team has become the leader after the first day of the “Tank biathlon” international competition having successfully overcome all the tests on the track, said chief judge of the “Tank biathlon” competition, Major General Evgeniy Poplavskiy.

“On the opening day of the competition, on August 1, there have been held three races, which were attended by teams of seven countries: Russia, Serbia, Tajikistan, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Mongolia, and Angola. After the first race, the Russian national team is the leader,” – he said. Serbian tank crews showed the second result, Republic of Tajikistan occupied the third place.

Defense Ministry: “Tank biathlon” rules to be substantially modified

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Rules of the all-Russian competitions “Tank biathlon” will be changed in accordance with the experience gained at the games this year, said head of the Ground Forces combat training department, chief judge of the competition, Major-General Alexander Peryazev.

“The crews are very highly trained, they literally fought for every second. Several times, we had to go into the field and check the target environment, to hear reports from the field judges. In some cases, the two teams showed almost identical results. Sometimes it coincided to a second”, – said the General.

“Tank Biathlon” and “Suvorov Onslaught” to be held in south of Russia

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The All-Army “Biathlon Tank” and “Suvorov Onslaught” competitions will start at the “Prudboy” site in the Volgograd region, the press and information service of the Russian Defense Ministry reported.

“Crews of tanks and infantry fighting vehicles arrived at the “Prudboy” range located in the Volgograd region from military districts to participate in the all-army “Tank Biathlon” and “Suvorov onslaught” competitions. According to the Defense Ministry, the exercises will be held under the leadership of Commander of Land Forces, Colonel-General Oleg Salyukov from 22 to 25 June 2015″, – a statement said.

Die Welt: Germany has no chances against the Russian tanks


Ex-head of a planning department for the German Defense ministry informs that German Leopard 2 has no ammunition against Russian tanks. This decision comes from the German intelligence of 1980s.

Mostly the reason lies in the decision not to use uranium in ammunition, although other NATO members use it in their ammunition.

Thus, German ammunition today corresponds to the americaan ones of the 1980s.

Still, it is not enough to fight the Russian tank of Armata.

So, Die Welt underlines that there are no chances against the Russian tanks.

The Russian servicemen started preparing for Tank biathlon

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Servicemen of the motorized infantry connection of the Baltic Fleet coastal forces were among the first in the Armed Forces to start preparations to participate in the all-army competitions “Tank biathlon-2015.”

“The trainings, held at one of the grounds for combat training, involve by more than 100 servicemen of the tank battalion and over 20 units of tracked and wheeled vehicles,” – said the press service of the Navy on Tuesday.

After completing the training on driving, tank crews will begin firings with tenured shells from the guns at the moving and emerging targets. The crews of combat vehicles will hit the targets, simulating tanks and low-flying helicopters at a distance from 900 to 2,200 meters.